Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween Justin and I had a Halloween party. It seemed like a great idea, when isn't it a good idea to wear costumes and get friends together? We spent a good chunk of the week prior to our party cooking, decorating, and buying fun thing for the party. The day of the party was full of decorating and getting everything together... and, oh yeah, Justin blew out his back. Poor guy. I don't know that I have ever seen him in so much pain. Two hours before our guests arrived, he was laying flat on his back on the floor writhing in pain. Not good. Of course, I won't mention the brilliant (ahem) idea he had to put his youngest son on his shoulders to hang a mechanical spider, knowing that his back was already hurt.

To start, the costumes:

Somehow Justin still managed to get into costume, though we did his (her) makeup lying flat on the floor on a heating back (see the top of the picture). It was a little disturbing to put makeup on my cheerleader. If nothing else, I was irritated by how freaking long his eyelashes were. How is it possibly fair that the majority of men I know have the longest eyelashes EVER?!

A little while later after more heat to the back, the pretty princess was up on his feet ready to cheer. With me, the football player.

And I'm actually wearing my guy's old football jersey from when he played in high school.

Posing for the camera... or flexing the muscles. I wish I could say he was doing a cheer but I blocked that part out of my memory.

And a shot of Oliver as mario. Justin's mom is in the left of the picture. She dressed as a VERY obsese lady with a shirt that said, "Help, I need a trainer." It was cute.
AND....the decorations:

My neighbor let us borrow their two lifesize skeletons, one of which we put into the bookcase that usually goes to the left of the TV (we just didn't have the shelves in so it was like a coffin). The other life size skeleton greeted people at the front window when they came to the door.

We moved all the furniture so the outside walls to open everything up. And of course, there were spiderwebs all over. Naturally.

A shot from the upstairs loft to the eating area.

Upclose of the bloody mirror.

And looking into the spider web covered kitchen.
AND....the food:

I made little gravestone cupcakes...

And witches' fingers cookies which were perfect when they went into the oven but came out HUGE. It was a big bloated witch, I guess. To the right were spice cookies.

A pumpkin cake roll... which is AMAZING, by the way. I grew up on this stuff as my mom made it and I absolutely love it. It's great for parties. But the above was my second attempt... the first didn't work out so well as I forgot to grease the pan. Whoops.

And in keeping with the fall foods theme- pumpkin dip with ginger cookies.

A view of the spread- there was all kinds of dips, veggies, cheeses, breads, etc. We also made hot finger foods later in the night which were gobbled up.

A shot of the skeleton candle that when lit "bled" out of the eye. It was pretty weird, actually.

And my little goblin cheeseball. It was actually really tasty!

AND... at the party:

Me with the hippie behind me (aka: Bailey).

The cheerleader delivering jello shots (which one of our friends brought and were SO STRONG). She used absolutely no water in them. I think we had Grey Goose and Tequila shots, they were pretty awesome. What halloween party is complete without jello shots?

My friend Kaylene and I trying the jello shots out to make sure they were safe.

Turns out, they were more than safe... jello shots, take #2! And, that's where the fun ends for the night... at least on camera. We had a great group of people and had so much fun! I think it might be an annual tradition to have a Halloween party.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More wine.

On Sunday, the 24th, after pumpkin carving on Friday night (and drinking wine) and Rhetts' party on Saturday night (and more wine), the last thing we wanted to do was drink wine. BUT alas, we had a wine event we had signed up to go to held by one of my friends who works for a wine company.


We dragged ourselves to it and lo and behold, it turned out to be pretty cool! We met up with a friend of mine and once we started tasting some wines, we all really got into it (shocking). We ended up buying a case of some GREAT Australian wine which we will have just in time for the holidays. This company also had a bubbly RED which was just incredible. I'm putting that on my list to buy down the road.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A busy saturday.

October 23 was a busy day. It started off with insanity: a 2 tower, I think 40 flights each, 1000 stair climb that Justin and I had signed up for. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I wasn't able to participate as I had injured my hip flexor running earlier in the week. #**&$#! I was so annoyed because I REALLY wanted to participate in the stair climb. It was sponsored by the American Lung Association so it was a great cause, and the first climb that they have done in Bellevue, though they've done climbs in Seattle. There were two different towers to climb TWICE for a total of 1000 stairs to climb. Of course, this was the hardest one to do... you could have opted to just do one tower or two towers. Since I couldn't participate, I was the designated photographer:

The beginning of the race: Stairwell one.

And Justin (in the red) coming down the first tower, running to the second. The race is a timed event. And can you believe, people actually do this competitively? There was one guy (who ended up winning it all) that did it all again just for the sheer fun of it! Of course, he weighed about 80 pounds but still.

Justin coming down tower 2 and heading to tower 3... looking a little tired this time.

And waiting for him at tower 3 to finish his final tower...

ANNND.... he's done! Look at how sweaty he is! I want to say his time was 40 minutes or something. He did great and I think ranked 25th or something which is really good. I do have to say that while waiting on him, I saw quite a few people yakking at the finish line. It was GROSS.

And my little number that wasn't used. Sad. I think I could have done really well.

Later that day we went out and went Halloween shopping for our big party that we are having for Halloween. I went to goodwill with Justin and HOLY CRAP. We got such good deals on Halloween decorations. It was incredible.
Later that night we headed to our friend Rhetts' house for a birthday party he was having. I think we were both a little tired by that point but by the time we got there, we started to have fun talking to everyone else who had come to the party. It was great fun and another great (though busy) day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin carving!

A week before Halloween, Justin and I went over to our friends' Rich and Stacie's for a little pumpkin carving. We ate great (fall) good, drank awesome wine, and just enjoyed talking with everyone there. By the time we got down to it, we didn't feel like carving a we didn't. I'm really not a huge fan of scooping out the guts and then cutting and sawing for what feels like HOURS. It's just not really my thing but I think it's SO cool what other people can do with their pumpkins! Here are some pictures of the evening:

The group of pumpkin carvers... we watched, talked and drank wine with other people who weren't carving.

And a shot of the other end of the table and the pumpkin carvers.

A shot of us... where I look a little silly.

Annnd... a shot of us where Justin looks a little silly. Guess we need photo shop to get a cute picture from the night of us together. Wine will do that. All in all, a great night with friends and a great way to really get into the fall spirit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Always an experience.

Today I went to the eye doctor. I swear, I have had more issues with my eyes since moving to Seattle than I ever have in my whole. life. See here and here and here for musings on the eye drama I've had since freaking 2008. There's probably more postings about it but that should suffice for some brief history.

Anyway, after I initially found out that my eyes had an adverse reaction to contacts with a new (awesome) eye doctor (after the first proved to be an asshole), we FINALLY found resolution in the fact that if I wear daily contacts, I don't have a problem. It only took about 1.5 years to figure it out. And that included a year of swollen, goopy eyes and wearing glasses. UGH. I was ready to perform lasik on MYSELF by the end of that crap.


Now I go to the eye doctor once a year versus once a week.

That was the long winded way of saying that today was my annual eye check.

Everything looked great and went smoothly.


The eye dilation. I HATE THAT.

But because she knew I was going back to work, she did a dilation that would allow me to look at a computer within a half an hour. The only problem? I was buying new glasses. So, I go to try on glasses and I can't see shit. Fabulous. Does this look good? I have no idea, I can't even see my nose or make out the general shape of my body. Grooooan.

So there's a hip young dude that works there and I ask him to help me. This is scary because when I say hip, I mean TOTALLY hip. In a way that I'm totally not. Flamboyant might be a good choice word for him.

So I pick a couple of frames I like then ask him what's cool. He gives me a pair that he "loves" because they have an Asian fusion feel, they are wire, small, and "just so chic." Ok.

So I try those on with the other pairs that I think I like but can't really see so who knows if I actually really liked them.

OF COURSE, he liked the pair he picked out.

Um, gulp. Internal debate: trust him or wait until I can see worth two shits?

Ah, screw it, fine, we'll go with those. Who cares anyway? Barring any 1.5 year eye allergy, I won't be wearing my glasses anywhere but at home so it doesn't matter.

At the end of the day once I can see again and have the glasses. And? I LOVE THEM. They are black/red, small wire frames and I think they are actually really cute. I never would have picked them out myself. So I'm glad I was half blind and my flamboyant friend helped me find some chic glasses. Well worth it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20.

A day of meanings, as some days tend to be. To me, this year, October 20 was a great day.

It started off with something I love: oats in a jar. It's a great invention- you have a little bit of peanut butter left and you make oatmeal with the remains... in the jar. It basically just means extra creamy/peanut buttery goodness in your oats. I love it but I'm also an INSANE peanut butter lover (really? who knew!?) so perhaps I'm a little biased.

And mmmmmm....looking down into the jar.

Mid afternoon, I had to head home to meet the mattress delivery guy. I had bought new mattresses for the guest bedroom to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Apparently I got a little "buy" crazy because I also had a nice pile of furniture loot that accompanied the mattresses. I might have sent the above picture to Justin and I might have said, "You do like building things, right?" And he might have called promptly after that, with "What did you buy?!" To his credit, he'd spent a weekend about month before building the new furniture in the living room that I'd gotten from a local furniture store...and maybe, just maybe, hauled what felt like a two ton couch on his shoulder by himself into the living room from the street from that same furniture store. So I think the above pile may have just freaked him out a little bit when I had previously mentioned rather casually that I just bought a couple of things for the guest bedroom. Ahem. Anyway, the need for this furniture: when Tim moved out, he took what was rightfully his from the house- mostly the guest bedroom and a few living room items that I wanted to replace anyway (and that I subsequently did, obviously). So, I got to remodel! Of course, I put most of it off for as long as possible (why did I do this?!) which is why I was about 11 days from a big party at my house and frantically trying to get it put together. Well. What can I say? I'm brilliant. At procrastinating.
BUT, since October 20, is a rather memory heavy day (see here) and will always hold some meaning for Tim and I, Tim came over with Miss Bella to visit with me and to help me out. I think it meant something to both of us to have the afternoon together. It was both happy and sad in a myriad of ways...happy because we've surpassed, forgiven and risen above a LOT of shit and, as a result have subsequently gotten to a point where we can remain friends and sad for what was and the memories that we have in our past that have led us to where we are now. I mean, really, I'll put it out there: who the hell WANTS or CHOOSES to be divorced TWICE? Or hell, once for that matter. I have no regrets about either of my marriages in any way shape or form. In the first, I was young and made some tough decisions for MYSELF based on what I knew I needed to be the happiest I could be and in the second some decisions were made that caused the marriage to be dysfunctional and left not much choice but to end it. I don't really care to talk about either here other than to say this: I have absolutely no regrets. I have no resentment. I am only looking forward. And now, after two, I know damn well what I do and don't want out of a partner, regardless of if I ever get married again. I mean, everyone goes through some sort of crap at some point in their life and if at the end of it all, you come away as a stronger, better person and have learned something for it? I sort of think that's all that matters. Anyway, end of tangent.... Tim helped get the mattresses in and to put all of the furniture together. It was AWESOME and so very much appreciated. I got to play with Bella in between working as well and Justin even stopped by at one point to say hi. I was so happy.

Look at that sweet face. I miss Bella so much. Granted, I am happy that Tim lives with a girl now who has a dog (and playmate) for Bella and they have a HUGE yard in which the dogs can run and run and run. But still: I miss her. I do NOT, however, miss picking up her poop 80 times a day or running her all over creation because she can't stay at home because she poops so much and has so much energy or dealing with a puppy that eats things and destroys things and has endless amounts of energy. Even though we are all in a much better situation, I miss my dog. I do. I love her. And she loves me too. She was so mad at me at first when she came over because I hadn't seen her in a while. But after about 10 minutes, she stopped pouting and gave me a giant hug and huge "kisses" (aka: yucky licks across the face). So October 20 this year was not spent in a way that the past couple October 20s have been spent but it was a good day. A productive day. A day of reliving and remembering. And looking forward with a huge smile on my face: grateful for what I've been through, a stronger and better person today than the years before, amazed and blessed for what I have found in my life- my work, my home, my friends, my family, my astounding new boy, my rich past, and mostly, the future that is looking brighter and brighter than ever.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After this hike up Granite mountain in rather, um, excruciating pain (sssssh Justin), I spent the rest of the weekend hobbling around and pretending like I was ok but really? Not so much. Sunday brought on a day of rest and watching football. HOWEVER around 2pm, someone was getting antsy so we decided to go play tennis. Huh. Disabled tennis. NOT FUN.

I pretty much stood in one place and tried to whack the ball as it whizzed by if it was in my circumference of reach. Luckily I was paired with Oliver who is a superstar so we did pretty well against Justin and Bailey.

The weekend disability was followed by a quick trip to Aberdeen on October 18-19. I stayed the night down there and wouldn't you know it, the more and more time I spend down there, I just haven't even come to like it. It is ALWAYS, without fail, cold, rainy and gray. I guess that's why it sits in what is called "Grays Harbor." Go figure, the name means something. Weird.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Granite Mountain, take #2

One Saturday morning in October, Justin and I decided to tackle Granite mountain again. We knew the opportunity to do so would be fleeting due to the plummeting temperatures and the fact that the mountains would shortly be covered in snow, and thus, too dangerous. So, while the little boys were sleeping, we took off for the mountains. Pictures, as always, tell this kind of story best:

Justin getting our electrolyte infused water ready to go.

And at the trailhead...US!

Signing in.... and then the fun began!

About 3/4 of the way up, we started to run into some white stuff. That was cold. Hey-oh, it's snow!

This hike was absolutely breathtaking on this day: completely clear, unaltered views of Rainier and the cascade mountain range, astounding fall colors.

A picture of my guy climbing up amongst the fall colors and snow.

Snow covered trees at the top, looks like winter!

And at the VERY top, gorgeous views of the range.

And another shot. Seriously. Unbelievable. It just leaves me in a state of awe.

And another shot of the range with Rainier in the background. The hike was hard. As expected. But it was compounded by the fact that earlier in the week, I'd been my usual clumsy self and had taken a topple down a flight of stairs. I KNOW. I sometimes make myself laugh, too. Apparently it helps to pick your feet UP when you're walking down stairs and not kick yourself in the back of the leg, thus making yourself fall down 15 stairs. Ahem. Anyway, lesson learned, but as a result, my right quad/hip flexor had been messed up all week. As in, I didn't run (huge deal). When we talked about a hike friday night, I knew it would be painful but I thought I could tough it out as the weather was supposed to be perfect and I really wanted to get one last hike in. It was AWFUL (at least in regards to the leg pain) and that was with doping up on Ibuprofen before we left. Oh well, I made it, stubbornness and all, and it was WELL worth it. AND, we even beat our time to boot so I was quite impressed that even in pain, we completely rocked it. We made it to the summit in less than 2 hours (1:58 to be exact) which is quite a feat given the distance and steepness of the hike. Most people take around 3-3.5 hours to make it to the top...we were flying. We flew down, too, and then headed home to turn right around with the boys to help Justin's mom in south Seattle with some house projects and to have dinner with her that night. I spent the night there icing and stretching my poor aching leg but was incredibly happy and exhausted from our last rendezvous in the mountains for this years' summer season.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A swipe, er, mutilation of the cervix.

So. I'm not even really sure what to say or where to start.

Oh, I know: for anyone that doesn't care for too much information, stop reading now.

The story: Remember in this post when I said that the gynecologist had called me to see why I hadn't scheduled a colposcopy because my annual pap smear came back abnormal? Right. So, I call in to schedule this stupid colposcopy which NO ONE TOLD ME I NEEDED FOR THREE MONTHS (first annoyance) and which I then found out I needed when I was having wine with a girlfriend in Kansas City. I guess, truthfully, if you have to be thoroughly annoyed, that's probably one of the best possible situations. HOWEVER. Being made to feel like you have cancer in that situation? Kind of ruins the girls wine night least until more of the bottle is consumed.

Anyhow, after that, I called to make an appointment the next day to schedule this. Basically a colposcopy is a procedure to take a closer look at the cervix and the abnormal cells. They tell me they can't get me in for 5-6 weeks (second annoyance). Ok, you make someone feel like they could potentially have cervical cancer and then the next day proceed to NOT get them into the doctor. Are you kidding me? So they backtrack and tell me that it's fairly common for these things to come back abnormal. Right. Well, THAT wasn't the initial impression I got. THANKS.

So 5-6 weeks later? On October 15? I'm in the damn waiting room freaking out just slightly about this procedure I'm about to have. Of COURSE I wait for about 10 years before I get in to a room (third annoyance) and THEN?! THEN?! They take me back to The Room, which is the Special Room for this procedure. They tell me it will only be 5 minutes until the doctor gets in to me. In the meantime, they've left reading material for me on the chair/bed/whatever the hell form of torture this thing is called that I have to sit my ass to WAIT MORE. And not only is this uncomfortable as I'm surrounded by the foot straddles, it's also about negative forty degrees in this room (fourth annoyance).

Oh, and let's just talk about this "reading material."

It's a pamphlet called "Surviving and Understanding Cancer" and the various stages of cervical cancer and how to treat them and all about what they look like and the various courses cervical cancer runs.


So basically what these assholes are telling me as I'm alone and wrapped in some paper skirt shit with no pants on and freezing my ass off is that I'm also dying of cancer. I mean, how much more direct can you get with 10 pages of reading ON CANCER when you're there for abnormal cells that are supposedly "common"? So I'm completely freaking out. Feeling nauseous. Thinking of how to tell my family. Trying to decide how the hell this would happen. I've been totally careful, I take care of myself, is it just a fluke thing? Will I have to go through chemo? Oh wait, refer to pamphlet, chemo is totally dependent on the stage of the cells. Right. Ok, well we'll wait to figure out how bad it is. But my god, it HAS to be bad because, oh shit, they gave me ALL of this reading material. WHY didn't they elude to how bad it was before? I could have gone to another doctor. 4 months is a long time in terms of the grow of cancerous cells right? The stupid booklet doesn't say anything about this. Fuck fuck fuck. And what about Justin? And my job. And my family. And everyone and thing that I love so goddamn much. And ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Fuckfuckfuck.

Was seriously freaking out. Crying. Getting completely worked up. And then calming myself down: you will be ok, you are strong, you have done everything right, you have been through some bad shit, you have a great support network, you will be ok you will be ok you will be ok.

I WENT THROUGH A FORM OF THIS HELL FOR 40 GODDAMN MINUTES. Apparently someone was in labor and that demanded more of the doctor's attention than the fact that I'm practically planning my funeral.

40 minutes in that state, wrapped in a paper skirt, freezing, alone, and basically scared shitless with a what to do when you have terminal cancer booklet versus a casual 5 minute wait? (fifth annoyance).

So the doctor comes in.

I'm shaking.

Just tell me what the news is.

I spread eagle in the stirrups, she comments on how cold/shaky I am (NO SHIT SHERLOCK, wouldn't you be?), and takes a peek with the colposcopy microscope. Her first words: I don't even see any abnormal cells.

Excuse me, what the FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?

No abnormal cells.

Again? Blink. What?

Her response? Pap smears can often times come back abnormal but there is no abnormality. Huh. WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME SKIP THE CANCER PAMPHLET? Just a thought.

So then, she keeps poking around and sees a couple of cells that she says look "funny." Ok, so maybe the whole cancer reading was right and the cells were just hiding. Commence shaking. She decides to take a biopsy of them to make sure. Fine.

She takes two biopsy's. THAT, by the way, HURT LIKE BLOODY HELL. Like the worst cramps EVER and she was yanking the absolute HELL out of my cervix to get the chunk out. I'm pretty sure I heard it tear. Um, OWWWW. And then tells me: I think these are nothing.

Seriously. Not only do I go through this massive freakout but then you tear out my cervix to tell me they are nothing? SERIOUSLY?

Oook. Better to be safe than sorry? I have no idea at this point, I'm just so overwhelmed and have WAY too many emotions going on, not to mention, a throbbing uterus and cervix.

Fast forward. Turns out? Biopsy results? Absolutely no issue at all. No abnormal cells, no dysplasia (a fancy word for abnormal cells)...must have just been a fluke reading.


You mean to tell me that I freaked the fuck out for a good portion of my day, lost two chunks of my cervix, had cramps as a result for the remainder of the day, paid $200 for this stupid procedure only to know that I am 100% healthy with absolutely nothing wrong and there was NO ISSUE TO START, instead the issue was the fact that your screening was faulty but then you decided you could bill me more for additional procedures, just to eventually tell me what you already probably knew from the start: there was nothing wrong?

You have got to be freaking kidding me. This kind of thing just annoys the hell out of me. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of a small fraction of my sanity when I was beyond scared. I guess on the positive side, at least I know that everything is ok. But it is still all very annoying. And a prime example of some of the biggest issues in western medicine.

Deep breath.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The twice monthly drive.

Every two weeks, we get the pleasure of heading into the mountains. Not only is this a beautiful drive but at the end, we get two pretty incredible boys to spend the weekend with. On this friday, the fall colors were out in full glory. It was amazing. Of course, I started taking pictures after we'd picked up the boys so the sun was starting to set. Beautiful sunset as well and the perfect prelude to what will probably become a very snowy and wintery drive in a very short amount of time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A fresh start.

Today was a sad, sad day on many fronts and in many regards but in many ways it was also the start of what is sure to become many good things.

First of all: two co-workers that I respected and have worked with for several years parted ways from our firm, one of which I was very close to and had a deep respect for. Saying it was tough would be an understatement. I understand, I get it, but, regardless: it was tough.

Secondly? I made the decision about a month ago to find a new home for the cats. Tim only wanted Bella so when he moved out a while ago I kept the cats. But, it has become increasingly apparent over the last few months that they are not getting the attention that they truly deserve because I am just not home enough to give it to them. In addition, we have a little boy who is deathly allergic to them and as things get more serious with us, I can't justify jeopardizing his health and well-being. So. I found them a new home, a good home. I found a REALLY nice couple who live in south Seattle that absolutely love cats. I met them, I've talked with them, I completely feel at ease and comfortable with them and what's even better? They LOVE the cats and the cats love them. The cats, even the cat who is uncomfortable with most people, warmed up to them right away....purring, cuddling with them, etc. I knew instantaneously upon meeting them that they were the right fit and the cats would get a good home and continue to have the best life possible. It was really hard but it was the right decision.

A picture of the kitty boys (aka obese twins, according to some). They will be missed but they are in a much better situation now. I de-catified my house so now Oliver will be much happier (and allergy free) when he's here.

So, in honor of the end of some things, but truly the fresh starts that happened today- both for my co-workers and for my two little kitty boys- I cracked open a nice bottle of red wine to toast to the next step of this journey in life... for all of us.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I have a problem.

I keep losing things. Not the least of which may be my mind. Maybe? I'm not really sure why this is.

But seriously? It's getting out of control. That day that I got into an accident? Locked my keys in the garage in the rental car somehow. And since? I've lost my keys about 20 times. And I keep losing clothes and my key card to get into my office. And #*&$#* it is driving me NUTS. It wouldn't be so weird if it was typical behavior but it's not AT ALL. I NEVER lose things, never have. Come on, I'm a type A accountant, being organized is my nature. It's completely bizarre.

Perhaps I should take a pregnancy test? Or Alzheimer's?


I blame Justin. It's his fault. I am completely enamoured and enable to concentrate on anything else. Or maybe it was the jolt of said accident and it's that damn tanker trucks' fault.

Or maybe it's just me and I'm just scattered or disorganized or unfocused right now. Who the hell knows.

But! Case in point: today I locked my keys in my house.

This takes some talent, guys, to keep losing them or locking them in ridiculous places so much, so often. Perhaps I should look into a career change as a professional loser of things and locker of keys in obscure places. Thank god I was smart enough to realize my problem so I gave Justin my extra set so that he could rescue me. I think after about the tenth time he just shook his head and handed them over, and I'm sure he was thinking "Again, girl? Really?" I guess the keys are probably the most important but having someone rescue me in that regard doesn't solve the problem of the fact that I can't find my favorite black sweatpants or key card to work or multiple other articles of clothing... hmm...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


After the first weekend of October full of friends and family and events the second weekend of October was all about domestication and being totally mellow. We worked out, we made apple crisp, we ate soup, we played cards, we watched football, we got caught up on the morning and napping in the afternoons. It helped that the weather was totally crap so we really couldn't be outside playing much.

And at the end of the day? I have to be completely honest: I'm not sure that I have ever enjoyed just staying at home more. I usually tend to be very antsy and ready to go and go go go all the time. But this weekend? AWESOME. It was just incredible to be inside, warm and well, and basically completely domesticated.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

An un-wedding.

Sunday October 3rd was supposed to be a glorious, celebratory day. And it was, though in a different way than originally intended. We got an invite from a friend for her wedding on October 3rd, 7pm, black tie event, Seattle Fairmont. Perfect, can't wait.

A few weeks prior to the wedding? It was called off. I don't really think it's appropriate to disclose all of the details here but needless to say, it was probably for the best that it was called off. We were sad, for HER, but were told that the event would still be happening, it was just going to be an un-wedding celebration instead of a wedding celebration...same time, same place. Ok, we're in!

Justin and I at dinner... a little bit of a grainy iphone photo but I think it's super cute, regardless. I am just a little biased.

And a shot of me at dinner enjoying some wine. This was taken with Justin's phone (which obviously has a flash....) After dinner we danced the night away. In fact, one little kid danced so hard he absolutely projectile puked ALL OVER the floor. It was pretty priceless. As everyone knows, I am not in any way, shape or form a fan of vomit (in fact it's a small, er, ok more than small phobia- BUT it is getting better!) and I have never in my life seen so much barf fly out of someone...especially that small. Just saying. He was a dancing fool. NOTE TO SELF: stop dancing if you're dancing so hard you start to feel sick. Anywho. Justin and I had a fabulous time at dinner, dancing, and everything in between. We got some fabulous photo booth photos too. They are currently on display on the refrigerator at home. I have to say, for my first un-wedding experience? It did not disappoint.