Sunday, December 25, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.19.2016

Little guys got to build a race track tonight!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.18.2016

More Christmas festivities today... a hot cocoa party!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.17.2016

We were out and about today and found some spiderman PJ's that we got for both kids. We gave them to them tonight just because. WHO KNEW they would be so awesome. We should have just saved them for Christmas!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.16.2016

Miss Collette has a new baby at her house, baby Bryce. Or according to Bennett: "my baby."

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.15.2016

It was the end of the year party at Owen's school today, and Santa came to visit!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.14.2016

Friends coloring away at Miss Collette's. The best buddies!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.13.2016

Crazy hair B in the morning...

Daily Owen & Benett: 12.12.2016

Brothers found the face crayons again...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.11.2016

Bennett insisted on sitting by the fire tonight at dinner. We kept asking him if he was too hot, even as his ears were turning bright red. He finally announced towards the end of dinner, "HOT POCKETS." Parents DIED LAUGHING.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.10.2016

Wrestle mania!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.9.2016

A for real snow day! It was only supposed to "lightly dust" this morning, but it started snowing around 8am and never stopped all day. The kids were so excited to get outside and play in that white stuff. In the almost 4 years we've been at our house, we've never gotten any substantial snow here. It was so pretty, and that is coming from the person who does not love snow! (Really only love it from the inside view). Fun snow day, complete with a fire at the end!


Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.8.2016

What do you do when it is FREEZING cold and snowy outside? Why, eat popsicles, of course!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.7.2016

The boys and I had a night to ourselves tonight, which was really fun. We built a HUUUUGE block tower!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.6.2016

Little B got a new helmet today, thanks to Poppy! He would not take it off, even to sleep. We had to be stealthy about it.
The kids also found the face crayons...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.5.2016

One of the first snows of the season in our neck of the woods today, and maybe one of the only snows we'll have. We never seem to have more than a handful a year, if that.
It was a good day to stay at home, eat chocolate and play!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.4.2016

Night time shenanigans take #234. Cannot keep clothes on those boys to save our lives. It's always one or the other...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.3.2016

This morning started off with a trip to the toy store! We were anticipating a visit to Santa so the kids wanted to make extra sure they knew what they were going to ask for. Santa had breakfast with the reindeer until noon, so we made a stop at Grandma Bobby's house before we headed Santa's way.

Santa was great! He strolled in and shook the kids hands, and then spent a lot of time with each of the kids. So cool. They thought it was the best thing in the world.

Owen asked for a tablet and Captain America stuff for Christmas and B just wants a momo (motorcycle). I think Santa can handle it!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.2.2016

Cute little breakfast man.

...the same little guy who figured he scored big time when poppy and he found a "free" bike on the side of the road. Since none of Owen's quite fit yet, this was a pretty cool deal for Mr. B.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 12.1.2016


Which means Owen brought down his count down to Christmas chain from school.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.30.2016

This is what I come home to.... somehow this thing made it in to our house after years in the garage...I'm guessing it was a desperate day for poppy. Sounds like it worked! They were entertained for hours on end.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.29.2016

Leftover Thanksgiving whipped cream.... B is in AWE. Poppy is dying of laughter.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.28.2016

Night time at our house... bikes, doggie loves, and poppy wrestles! Pretty much nothing changes around these parts.