Sunday, November 30, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.30.2014

Last day of November...last day before we enter the last month of 2014 (WHAT?!) 

We had friends over this morning for breakfast but before they arrived Owen had fun playing with a train set some other friends gave us when they were here for thanksgiving.

They also gave us a giant box of cars/trains/planes/motorcycles. Owen is seriously in heaven (and has slept with two motorcycles since thanksgiving), I am happy he is thrilled but am contemplating the clutter all of these cause...not to mention I step on at least 50 a day.

As we were eating breakfast, B played on his mat and showed off his new trick: gripping as hard as possible.

Tiernan (a month younger than B) hung out behind him. They had a staring contest right before this.

Later this evening we settled in to watch the chiefs.

Bennett was in KU get up.

Complete with a bird on his butt!

And, family selfie: cuddles, apple pie, and  chiefs. Nice end to a nice weekend. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.29.2014

Justin, B and I all headed to the gym this morning and O went to Miss Collette's. When we picked him up, he was having a blast wrestling with his buddies.

We came home and while O napped, I snuck in some baby cuddles and kisses. Here Bennett looks like he is thinking YUCK, Mama! Haha, get used to it kid!

Later this evening: bath! B just kicks and kicks. See the coffee grinder behind him? He sometimes kicks so hard he kicks it on which then scares the beejebus out of him (hard not to laugh). 

Meanwhile J gave O a bath. After bath, O played with his singing Christmas doggie he got last Christmas from Miss Collette. He thinks it's petty sweet. He even tried to feed it some of his popcorn. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.28.2014

Happy thanksgiving to us! B slept from 9:30-6am and Owen slept in until 7:45. We all headed down to the gym with poppy to work and then went to eat breakfast at an old favorite, portage bay cafe in Seattle. Yum! (And also: follow a day of food with more food? Why not?!)

Justin pointing out a boat on the ceiling to Oe.

Bennett slept through it all!

We came home and O napped. Later tonight after a low key day putting away fall decorations and getting out the Christmas decorations, O and B got to put on their Christmas pjs! Hey, it's full on Christmas season now here. No great pictures (fail) but did get O playing in B's bed.

And B sucking on his fingers. 

In other news, crazy weather here today! Dumping rain and temperature dropped 20 degrees. Possibly snow tonight and tomorrow!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.27.2014

Happy thanksgiving!!

Got to say, I am pretty thankful for these three loves.

Table is set and cooking began around 9am. 

Finished everything by 11, and turkey went in at noon (turkey is all Justin's responsibility).

Cousins arrived...

B looked cute!

(A little comparison to Owen (on left) two years ago). 

We ate some appetizers...

O loved on his cousins.

We got the food on the table after the turkey finished cooking a good hour before we thought it would (?!) But we still ate at our targeted 4pm...amazing!

A few pics of our crew:

And cousins playing after dinner. Our Buddha got hot. Must have eaten too much. 

After dessert and a Seahawks win, we are crashing to bed. Missing loved ones who aren't here with us today, but thankful for those who were...and immensely grateful for everyone in our lives. To say we are blessed would be an understatement. So much love and gratitude...and thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.26.2014

Today I am a bad mom. 

I only captured pictures of baby B while we were watching poppy train his group of 10 year old girls (one of whom thought I was not older than a teenager...YES! Best compliment of the day). Oe was at Miss Collette's playing the day away and once we got home we were working away to get ready for thanksgiving tomorrow. Oh well, extra O pictures tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.25.2014

Today was Owen's first trip to the dentist and we all joined him! Poppy and B looked super cute together as we were in the waiting room.

Owen got to play with some train tracks so we were already off to a good start!

Once we went back, Owen got to ride up in the chair.

Then he got sunglasses...

And he got to suck water out of the cup with Mr. Thirsty. He then got to play with some play doh while we waited for the doctor. She came in and counted his teeth (20!! Somehow top molars snuck in sometime and we didn't even know...stealthy!) She also did an exam- everything looks great. It was a good first experience for him and I think he was pretty in to the whole thing. He seemed to think it was all pretty neat. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.24.2014

Baby B at the gym today "flying" and loving it.

We got home, I got an earful (baby conversations are the best), and B made a bunch of cute faces.

Later we all went to poppy's work with him (he only worked for an hour, and Owen was adamant he wanted to go...and I wasn't willing to fight this one). O had a blast chasing balls, riding elevators and looking at a Ducati motorcycle (pretty sick looking even by my standards). Owen loves the gym and everyone knows him there. It's a fun time. Below: showing off the dance moves.

Mama and B watched. B looks like, "man that brother of mine is cray cray." Yep, B, we have used that crazy adjective to describe Oe a few times. But we love him for it.