Thursday, April 28, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.28.2016

Our little baseball player (he is obsessed).

And our fearless guy who wants to ride brother's bike so badly but is not quite tall enough yet (so keeps eating it, but refuses to give up). 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.27.2016

Today mom and poppy got to take Owen on a field trip to ride a train (with his school). B was sleeping at Miss Collette's since it was smack during nap time.

It was a lot of fun, despite being a little rainy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.25.2016

Crazy kid (B) trying to jump off his 4 wheeler. 

Cuddles. Oe had a big owie that we just helped him bandage.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.24.2016

Little walk this morning before the rain. Just a regular circus with 2 kids and 2 dogs.

And they found a snail!

Later, rain meant puzzle time!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.23.2016

The boys got to go to Aaron's track meet!

Meanwhile, mom and dad threw a bsby shower for our friends at home!

After the baby shower: party #2---cousins come over!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.22.2016

The most fun game: wrestle poppy.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.21.2016

Helping pops with his bike!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.20.2016

Visiting poppy at work! 

Poppy and B 2016...

Poppy and O 2014. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.19.2016

You know...just your every day night around these parts.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.18.2016

Tax day! Yippee!

Or also: The day the tree fell on our house. The 200 foot evergreen tree. The tree that, if it  was 3-4 feet in another direction, could have seriously hurt us, or even killed us. Not being dramatic. So yeah. Not so yippee.

I hadn't slept all night because I was freaked out. Why? I don't know. Retrospect says I intuitively knew something was going to happen. Which also creeps me out. Who knows, but it was unusually windy. Some freak storm isolated to just our neck of the woods. I kept looking at the weather, and it kept saying the wind was only 5-10mph. Um no. 

I had finally fallen asleep around 3am when I was woken up rudely at 4am from dreaming about work. As in, thought we were having an earthquake. Heard the cracking, and thundering. Insert adrenaline. Sat straight up in bed as Justin did the same and we both yelled "go!" (As in get the hell out)....not before I grabbed my glasses...not my most brilliant move. Justin runs in to Bennett's room and I run out to the main room as we heard the crash and thud and we just stood there paralyzed that it? Is there more? And also: what the hell!? It was quiet then, so we kept B asleep. Nothing was through our bedroom and we knew it hit back there. Justin had seen it falling towards us. 

We walked outside and tried to get a glimpse of the damage. Too dark. An hour or so later, as I was still basically about ready to pee my pants, I looked out the bedroom window to this:

And then walked outside to see this:

In the midst of this the tree had pushed open the gate and the dogs both ran off (they came back). It was an interesting (for lack of a better word) morning.

So. Yeah. Scary. Could have been so much worse. So much worse. Hug your loved ones people! Also: if your neighbor points out a tree on her property that her arborist says "could fall" but "likely won't" or at least "will definitely not fall on your house" bullshit. You can't control nature and everything that "shouldn't" have happened did. We were very lucky...but now I want to chop down every tree around us! 

Later today: treating an owie. 

And a new way of eating snacks! 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.17.2016

B supervising breakfast.

While poppy was coaching a bike race, the boys and I ran errands. One of which was a hair cut! I was not sure I was going to cut Bennett's, but I decided it was time. I have never cut it in 2 years. 

He was a little scared at first...

But then settled right in. 

End result: clean cut. So adorable, even if his personality fit the crazy look more. 

While poppy and I were dealing with a tick situation on one of the dogs (yuck!), we gave Owen my phone...who took pictures of B. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.16.2016

B got to ride the trainer today after mom did! So did Owen...and they fought over it. Go figure. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.15.2016

This is called: putting on his own shorts.

B and Fred...the new guy. Apparently his great with kids. B rides him like a horse. Hilarious. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.14.2016

Life with two boys...yup. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.13.2016

We are fostering a dog right now, as of today, who was in a kill shelter and set to be put down this week. For no good reason other than he wasn't adopted. He's 3, healthy, a good temperament  and was transported to washington from Sacramento the day after our rescue said we would take him. Only problem: our rescue did not have space for him with such short notice. Enter in softie Jenn who says if he's good with kids and other  dogs, we can foster him for a couple of weeks. 

Turns out he's really good...and B loves his crate.