Sunday, May 29, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.29.2016

More bike rides today...2 miles this morning (in the rain...but shoot, we needed to get those kids out)...

And 4 miles this afternoon. Owen rode the whole way, minus a little rest (below). Pretty cute how much he is loving this whole bike thing right now!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.28.2016

Kind of sums up our day: B puked his guts out this morning for a few hours (wth?!) and then apparently got it all out and was a different kid for the remainder of the day. Then O turned in to a tyrant (here: getting in trouble and lectured by Justin...when B jumped in poppy's face). 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.27.2016

Little bike ride this afternoon. B loves riding along and Owen is such a big boy on his bike these days!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.26.2016

This is called breakfast time...cereal messes...

And cooking with poppy!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.25.2016

Driving with B when I got home today:

And watching big brother ride his big boy bike with no training wheels! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.24.2016

B had a couple of shots this morning! Luckily, he got the perk of playing with fun toys while we waited for the doctor!

The other cutie at dinner tonight...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.20.2016

The clan holding hands going into Simon's preschool! These guys are the best buds.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.17.2016

The boys got to go to the dentist today! It was the first time for B and the first real cleaning (vs just a look in the mouth) for Owen. They both did great! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.23.2016

Nights at our house....undies, trucks, and torturing the dogs.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.22.2016

A little stroll around the hood...Owen is turning in to a pretty good bike rider!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.21.2016

Mom and dad had a event banquet in Seattle tonight, so B and Oe got to play all night at Miss Collette's...which they love (duh).

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.18.2016

Poor Fred is so seriously tortured by these boys...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.16.2016

Owen got a new ski helmet for skiing next winter.... He wanted to wear it to school and then also basically the rest of the day. Safety first?

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.15.2016

Fun at the bike race today cheering on poppy's high school kids. Of course all B wanted to do was to ride the bike....that is too big for him...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.14.2016

Up and dressed before 7am and ready to start our road trip to Spokane! B is driving!

Stopped part way to get some energy with a juice box.

Playing with grandpa once we made it!

More fun after the park, and dinner, with grandma pat.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.13.2016

The boys are really excited to go to Grandpa Joe's and grandma patty's, they started packing tonight!

Kisses for poppy. So sweet.

And Owen just being cute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 5.9.2016

My kid after all: peanut butter love!

Thing 2: probably saying no or contemplating his next daredevil move.