Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.30.2013

My boys: out and about on a weird Seattle walk today (sun and rain at the same time? Sure!) And also: Owen hates the blanket. It gets in the way of playing with his toes. And there are no socks because he rips those suckers off too, for the same reason. I've conceded the battle.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.27.2013

We saw Isla, Owen's 2 year old cousin the other day (they are about 15 months apart). It was so fun to watch them interact. Owen was already almost as tall and already tormenting Isla by pulling her hair and trying to take her shoes. I have a feeling these two have many years of playing together!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.26.2013

Morning with mama while poppy golfed...a little reading, then a bonk of the head. You know, the usual.

The day I almost lost a piece of my soul.

I am being a tad bit dramatic. I blame hormones. And the fact that I am freaked out. FAH-REAKED.

So. Here's the story.

Justin and I took Owen to his nine month doctor appointment on Tuesday. Wherein he got a shot, per the usual. We do one shot at a time versus a gazillion-or 6- shots at once (us crazy hippies). So, pretty much everytime we are in there, he gets a shot. It's our compromise for vaccination...he's vaccinated as I do believe there are benefits to being vaccinated (I KNOW, who would have thought?!) BUT, he gets them one. at. a. time. It's a painfully slow process as I feel like we are never going to be done with shots but I also believe it's the best way to not overwhelm his poor body. To each their own. Don't judge. I know vaccinations is a touchy subject so let's move on.

So, he gets his shot and of course a little bandaid to cover the injection point. We go on with our day.

That night, I have a consultant wine night in Seattle for my Rodan and Fields business (so much fun and so inspiring by the way!) so Justin is in charge of getting Owen down for the night. He knows the whole routine so it's not a big deal, though it is only the 2nd time ever he's been in charge of the nighttime routine. He gives him a bath, and even sends me a picture of Owen in the bath. I guess Owen was just going nuts in the bath playing, playing and squealing.

After bath, Justin takes him upstairs to dress him and give him a bottle (usually I nurse him, but it's all the same). So, continuing on with the routine, no issues. Most nights, Owen nurses like a champ but he wouldn't really take the bottle which Justin thought was a little weird. But, he figured he ate a good dinner and I nursed him before I left so he just put him down. I guess Owen was playing in his crib for a while but eventually crashed. No issues noted.

When I got home at 9, Justin told me he wouldn't really eat his bottle which I thought was odd but didn't really think much of it. I went up to dream feed him around 9:30 (as per usual) and he wasn't really nursing much either. Sucking a little but not like normal. Again, didn't think much of it.

Around 2am, he woke up screaming. I thought this was a little odd at the back of my mind (again). We've been teething FOREVER (a couple of months) so I figured his teeth were bugging him, even though he usually doesn't wake up in an all out scream. I nursed him, gave him some teething tabs, and put him back down. Still screamed.


So, I picked him up and rocked him and he fell back asleep. Again, odd. Guess it wasn't his teeth. I thought, maybe a nightmare?

Around 6am we heard him in his crib coughing. Again, didn't think much of it but went to get him as it meant he was awake. Wednesdays Justin goes in to work later so we brought him in to bed to cuddle with us. He was sort of gagging (like the gag reflex gag) in bed and I made the comment that I hoped he wasn't sick.  I took a closer look at him and said, "there's totally something in his mouth!" Justin said, "no there's not." I looked again and didn't see anything.

A minute later?

I was convinced again there was something in his mouth. I was determined to pry it out, even as Justin and Owen looked at me like I was crazy and I even thought I might be crazy.

Two minutes later? Mama pulls out tweety bandaid. Still STICKY tweety bandaid. To which Justin and I both said in not such graceful terms "WHAT IN THE HELL?"

First of all, if you look at the picture above that Justin sent at the end of Owen's bath, the bandaid was still on. Secondly, the whole process of putting jammies on is about 2 minutes so somehow in that five minutes period transition from bath to changing table to jammies on, when Justin wasn't looking for 10 seconds, Owen saw the bandaid, pulled it off (which had to take some effort given that it still had stick after being in his mouth all night), and put it in his mouth... then proceeded to sleep with it in his mouth FOR TWELVE HOURS without either of us knowing.

Insert minor heart attack.

At first, we both kind of laughed about it. Like OMG, our kid seriously slept with a band aid in his mouth all night and HOW did that happen? But then, we just freaked the eff out. Because we started thinking about what could have happened. It COULD have obstructed his airway. Easily. It could have killed him. It could have cut off his airway and we wouldn't have had even the slightest of clues, so even if he would have lived, he could have easily been brain dead. There are so many scenarios that could have happened that didn't. And honestly, it was no ones fault. It's so hard to protect your kid from everything. It's impossible. Even if you are nazi about it, you still aren't going to be able to.

When we found the band aid and sent up a little (HUGE) "THANK YOU" for watching our precious baby and not letting this thing hurt him, I realized how little control we really have. The night before (ironic really), I was reading a blog post that my dear friend had written about how she had lost her baby at approximately 6 months pregnant. I don't really know the details of why or how it happened other than this post that she wrote had me in utter tears. I saw a picture of her with her tiny tiny baby and I was just bawling my eyes out. I don't know that there are ever words that can help in a situation like that, other than just knowing that there is support there and knowing that there is a reason that things happen that you may not understand for years.

I had shared this with Justin and we had made the comment that you just never know how much time you have with someone. We reflected on this as we were saying thank you to whoever and whatever saved Owen from the mighty band aid...and who continues to allow us to share this life with him every day. Life is just so fragile and you really don't know how long you will have with you kids- or each other- or really anyone in your life. Anything can happen at any point in time, from the least expected source. At the end of the day, I think the most important lesson is that if you are still surrounded by the people you love most and hold good memories of those you've loved and lost, and are able to laugh and surround yourself with all the good things life holds, you're doing pretty dang good. Life can be so hard and painful, but it can also be beautiful and joyful... perhaps partly from living through some of the painful times and realizing just exactly how blessed you are.  So our lesson was this: cherish every moment, remember how precious every moment is.

In addition to that major perspective reminder, we also learned a very important lesson: REMOVE ALL BANDAIDS post shots.

The morning after... doesn't looked phased at all. And the band aid still sticks...amazingly.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.24.2013

Helping mama make the bed. Doesn't look too excited. Perhaps that's from the fall over that had just occurred....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.22.2013

We will just go ahead and call this the "adventures in eating" post (and the many facial expressions that come with it).

Daily Owen: 5.21.2013

From over the weekend- mama and poppy finally picked up our wine. Oeo had fun going with us. He wanted wine too but they said he's underage.

Daily Owen: 5.23.2013

Rainy day walk = bundled up turbo.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.20.2013

It was a gorgeous today out here today so our nanny took Owen to swing- I think he loved it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daily Owen: 5.19.2013

Happy NINE months to our not so little guy!

Macro exfoliator

This is my newest OBSESSION. 5 minutes a week and 5 million dead skin cells are removed. GONE. I seriously cannot adequately express how amazing this is. Every time I do it, it's all I can do to not stroke my face because it feels so smooth... and it instantly looks radiant. I even did it to Justin's face this morning (much to his dismay at first), but HE was floored (and it takes a lot to impress him). If you want an all natural, quick, immediate skin improvement, you need this. Not to mention, it's one of the top products for 2013 and has been featured in allure, marie claire, people, instyle, to name a few. Message me or go to

Whole fitness link: the importance of water.

Check out this link posted by Justin on his blog regarding the importance of drinking water. A nice reminder for what we already all know we need to do!

New venture

I am an advocate of living as healthy as possible. It's no secret that staying healthy and working out are important to me but I also believe that there has to be some moderation in there, whereas a glass or two of wine and a big piece of german chocolate cake every once in a while are a-ok, if not completely necessary. The moderation piece has been a journey for me as I used to be an all or nothing type of girl. As in, I was working out so hard and eating so healthy that I was not enjoying life. I have posted about my journey on this blog before and how I've come to define the true meaning of "healthy living" so I won't go there. But I will say that I believe you can be fit, healthy, AND vibrant and that everyone has the right to feel beautiful on the inside and OUT.

In that outward vein and the quest to continue to feel and look my best, I stumbled upon Rodan and Fields. Rodan and Fields is a line of skincare designed by dermatologists. I have teamed up with them as an independent consultant not only because I love what the product has done for me and my skin (the biggest expression of me that I have!) but because I also truly want to spread the word about this amazing product. I have always been a little skeptical about a skincare that holds so many "promises" and I have NEVER liked the whole Avon or Mary Kay type of skin care selling methods. I had a dear friend tell me about R + F and my first thought was OH MAN. Here we go again with these annoying selling things. I literally went home to Justin and said, I guess I'll have to buy something (GROAN). Then we met up with her for coffee and I heard more about the product. I started to think about it, realized "hey, this is someone I REALLY trust, she is very successful in her business and SHE loves the product, maybe I should think about this." So, I tried the product out from a couple of samples she gave me and literally was instantly in love. I think I texted her that night saying, "I am sold."

As a teenager and into my early 20s, I was an admitted idiot and spent more time than I care to admit in the sun and in tanning beds. As such, my face reflects that. I even had  my dermatologist recommend to me to try botox at age TWENTY SEVEN because of what she called the "crater" between my eyes (that I honestly had not noticed before then). I caved to that peer pressure and actually did botox. Then, the organic hippie in me could not justify it anymore as it's HORRIFIC for you but I've been on a quest since then to find a product that helps out with my sun damaged, fine lined/aging skin. Preferably natural. I've found that it's pretty impossible to find a product that works. Most products promise all of these things but don't work. Or are an exorbitant amount of money a month. Or are awful for you AND expensive (Botox, I'm looking at you).

This one?

Not even kidding, my skin looked better in literally DAYS. The crater between my eyes? Completely diminished. I honestly am floored. And my skin FEELS amazing, which is an added bonus!

Rodan and Fields are actual practicing dermatologists and are the makers of proactiv. After proactiv, they continued as practicing derms but decided to develop a line of skin care that helped the majority of their patients- lines for anti-aging, sun damage, post acne, and sensitive skin. Affordable skin care that also WORKS. They sold their new line (Rodan and Fields) to Estee Lauder in the early 2000s and Estee Lauder immediately took it to Nordstrom's where it was the #1 selling product line in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Rodan and Fields realized that the earnings potential would be much greater if they'd pull out of retail and direct sell. So, here we are.

After using the product, I told my friend, I'm in. I need to sell this stuff. Not only because I love the product and would be buying it anyway but because just like I recommend baby items to my friends, my doctors to my friends, my supplements to my friends, I recommend THIS to my friends. This is a solid product and a solid business model and I'm proud to be a part of it. Not to mention, I'm completely excited about this opportunity and this adventure I am embarking on.

So my new venture is this: a consultant for Rodan and Fields. I'll plan to update my blog with posts surrounding this venture as well as other health related posts I'm making on my facebook page. It's all a journey but I'm excited to see where this takes us! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Month 8: Dear Owen,

Well, I was a bit more ahead of schedule this month little turtle. I started to post this at the beginning of May BUT, tomorrow you turn 9 months old so here we are again.

Let's just revisit the journey of your life so far shall we?

OH MY GOODNESS. (The day I was in labor).

Minutes old. 

One month.

Two months.

Three months.

Four months.

Five months.

Six months.

Seven months.

And the big 8 month old!

It's weird, this growing thing. It was weird the day that was your first day of life to look down at my belly that was really no longer there and look at you and try to process the events in my head that brought you from some kicking thing inside of me to this little babe outside of me. In that same vein, I look at you now and try to process how we got from such a little helpless newborn to an almost little boy. I can't quite wrap my head around it yet how you are this LITTLE PERSON and not so much our little baby anymore. Somehow you are now (still) CRAZY tall and skinny. You wear 12-18 month old clothes which are big around you width wise but which we need for the length. You are a big boy. Somehow I think that your mama is not going to stand a chance at looking down at you for very many years.

This month continued our journey with food. It's been a fun journey so far, albeit a little bit messy. We are still doing the baby led weaning method in which we give you whole foods, and not just pureed foods. We do some of the pureed foods as well but you don't seem too picky about which you prefer- you just like food. It's good that you do- it shows us that you really are indeed our kid.

In the food respect, you got your first taste of pancakes this month when your poppy took us to Cafe Flora for breakfast. I ordered the kid pancakes which were HUGE and also which was AWESOME because your mama got to have a lot of pancakes. You LOVED them, which was further proof that you are indeed my child... either that or the copious amounts of pancakes I ate when I was pregnant now makes you love them. In that case, you should also love pickles, raisin bran, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and hummus pita wraps.

So far in your food journey, you seem to get that you like food, but you don't always get where to PUT food. Let's just say that getting sweet potatoes out of your nose and ear holes is not so easy.

So far your favorites seem to be sweet potatoes and carrots. Bananas and pears are hit or miss. Spinach and peas are also always big hits. Really, you aren't too picky yet. You do always seem to pull funny faces when we give you avocado (taking after your poppy).

Speaking of eating, let's shift gears to chewing...something quite necessary now that you have two teeth with two more cutting through right at your 8 month mark (top two). The bottom two really came in relatively easy but OH MY GOODNESS. The night your top two decided to cut through? UTTER.HELL. You screamed for a good 4 hours straight and I mean SCREAMED as in there was absolutely nothing either of us could to to help you. All we could do was hold you and try to comfort you. We tried teething tabs, nursing, teething rings, cold, rocking, tylenol (I KNOW, your mama who hates medicine was desperate)....nothing worked. I was able to get you to sleep on me for about 20-30 minute stints and while I loved the cuddles I hated that you kept waking up screaming in pain. Eventually at about the 4 hour mark we rubbed a little knob creek bourbon on your gums, again in desperation, figuring at this point what the hell, and THANK GOD, this actually seemed to work. You fell asleep and slept the next 6 blessed hours. We have not repeated a night quite like that since, and we'd never had one like that before. Poor little guy (and related: teething really is as bad as they say it is...we were fooled by the first two teeth that seemed "easy").

We also started swimming lessons this month! You love getting in the water but you are having a bit of stranger anxiety so for at least this first month everytime Miss Connie comes near you, you wail. But, you get more and more comfortable in the water everytime and that's what we are going for with these classes. There's a one year old boy in your class who you are as big as, if not a little bigger than. He swims like a champ and the first day we were BLOWN AWAY that he could go under water and kick from one person to another. You are well on your way to that which again, blows my mind.

Swimming with mama in the first class.

And a couple weeks later, swimming with pops.

You also have continued your love of shopping. Especially now that you get to sit up like a big kid...EVEN BETTER. You just ride around the store with your arm up like you haven't any care in the world- you just take it all in.

You've also started to try to crawl. You've done a couple of singular crawls so far but nothing consistent. You so want to move, you just haven't quite figured out how to get it all coordinated. You don't really seem to care too much about moving, so we're not pushing you. You seem to have your own agenda about when you do things so that's fine with us. Hey, the longer we don't have to worry about chasing you around, the better. We're going to be chasing you for the next 18 years so we'll cherish this time while it lasts, which, by the looks of it, is not going to be long.

Sometimes when you get tired of trying to crawl, you'll put your head down and rest as if it's the hardest thing in the world, this MOVING stuff.

We spend a lot of time sitting on the kitchen floor, or at least you do. You love to sit there and watch us cook and we often give you your own tools so you can "cook" yourself. You especially love beating pots and pans and sucking on the whisk. Maybe you'll be a little chef, who knows! I often feed you a little solids for breakfast and dinner on the floor of the kitchen. It's called no time and being too lazy to move you to your high chair. DON'T JUDGE. I'll pick up the pieces when we have to explain to you at 4...or 14... that tables are meant for eating, not floors.

You also will spin yourself around sometimes to see what you can get in to. One particular day you were so proud of yourself for getting in to my pump bag and playing with all the parts.

One of the scariest things that has happened in your life thus far happened this month. I got a frantic call from the nanny while I was at a client in Seattle that your leg was stuck in your crib. My first thought, no big deal, happens all the time. Until she told me that it was stuck all the way up to your thigh and I heard your screams that were of the VERY scary, IN SERIOUS PAIN variety. The kind that makes my heart stop, and then race at 1 million beats per minute (is that possible? Because that's how it feels).  Of course, I jetted out of the client right away. On my way to making it home (in 15 minutes flat, I might add), the nanny then texted me that your leg was turning blue at which point I said, find a freaking HAMMER. And at which point I felt like I was going to puke. I told her to get a hammer, olive oil, WHATEVER and get the damn leg out. I mean, leg versus crib? LEG WINS. ALWAYS. 15 minutes later, when I sprinted in the door all was quiet. I figured the crib was in pieces, but at least you were a-ok. NOPE. Your leg was still stuck. You were calm and seemingly ok though, so I just had to get your leg out. Before resorting to breaking the crib, I thought I'd just try to get it out myself. I cut your pants and pulled. You screamed like bloody hell and had a nice bruise but I got it out. I have NO IDEA how you wedged that sucker in there but I am glad all was ok. I know this was the first of many heart attack-like scares you'll give your mama. Also, lesson learned: don't listen to the paranoid people out there in the world. There was this huge deal about how bumper pads suffocate kids so we took ours off. While this might be good sage advice, you are strong enough to where bumper pads will not suffocate you and the fact that even I MYSELF could barely get them off when I took them off makes me think that it's ok. So, they are back on. No more stuck limbs.

We also celebrated your first Easter this month. You got a basket with a couple little presents but mostly just "blank" eggs. Cheap, I know, but really, that's all you cared about anyway.

You loved rolling around on the floor with your basket and eggs. It's too bad that won't cut it in the coming years!

Also on Easter, we took you on your first big hike in the big boy back pack. We had no idea how you'd do but it was a beautiful day so we thought we'd try.

You did GREAT and you loved it. You played, you talked to us, you slept, you had a grand old time. You even nursed in the middle of the woods. Your mama, grandpa Joe and ESPECIALLY your poor poppy were a little worse for wear. We were wiped. 8 miles after not doing anything of the sort in quite some time was tough. I think your poppy's legs were sore for the better part of a week and he's in good shape. You're a heavy dude!
You love being outside. LOVE it. You just look and look around. Sometimes you sleep but mostly, you just take everything in. I think there's only ever been one time on a walk where you've broken down.
We also discovered this month that you love to swing. Not a huge surprise there given your love for the outdoors. Swinging is awesome because you just LAUGH. Belly laughs because you think the flying through the air thing is just hilarious.
You still love playing with your poppy more than anyone. He's your best playmate and can usually make you laugh, regardless of how rotten your mood is.

One day your poppy dressed you... in offsetting stripes. Orange and blue on top, green and white on the bottom. He claims that he was just being funny....but I had to post the picture anyway. I will say, your pops does do a pretty good job of dressing you most days. The stripe day? Not so much.

You are such a sweet little boy. You have your own little personality and everyday you become a little bit more independent. It's both bittersweet and sweet. I love to see you figure out the world and need me a little less, but at the same time, I miss my little peanut cuddling 24-7 against my chest. It seems like you know when your mama needs Oeo cuddles, though. On those days, you'll put your head in my lap or on my chest and rest there for 2.5 seconds. It's not long but enough for me to know that you do in fact still love to cuddle with me, you just don't have much time for it. That's ok, too.

One of your best traits is your sense of humor. You grabbed this hat and sock and just made us laugh and laugh. Not only do you belly laugh yourself but you've re-taught your dad and I the art of absolutely cracking up without reservation.

You are such an observant baby. You're always watching and are sensitive to what's going on around you. You don't like it when anyone is upset around you. You were very concerned when the little boy in your swimming class was crying and when you bit my boobie for the first time this month when you were teething and I yelped and said "NO", you screamed like I had scalded you. You do not like being in trouble. You are a sensitive soul.

You are also a very tolerant little man. You let your mama dress you in ridiculous outfits that I am sure you are going to one day say "REALLY, MOM?" about and you let your mama take endless pictures of you, all with a smile on your face.  

We have so much fun together my little man. I want to tell you to stop growing so fast and that you are breaking my heart at the speed at which you are growing up. But then I stop to think about it and every day is a little more fun with you. Every day, we know each other a little bit more. You become more YOU, and we learn more about YOU. You communicate more, you move more, you show more emotions, you learn more. It is so cliche to say, but as you've grown I've realized that each new stage really is the best stage so while I want time to slow down just a tiny bit, part of me is like a little kid on Christmas eve who is so anxious with anticipation and can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.