Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.29.2014

Today is my birthday and we had a lot of fun, despite a 4:45am wake up call from Mr. O. We took a birthday selfie, then mom dropped off O at the nanny's and later when we picked him up we played in the backyard. 80 degrees today here- one of the best presents! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.28.2014

Playing in the backyard and throwing rocks...pretty much a favorite past time around these parts. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.27.2014

Owen was a bit of a crab pot this afternoon. He went down super late for a nap because he went to Aaron and Quinn's piano recital, so mean mama woke him up because mean Oeo has trained mama and poppy to get up at 5:30am even on days (THE only day) they could truly sleep in. So. Mama is tired and did not want to stay up with a little tyrant until 11pm.... Thus the early nap wake up. And the crab pot. 

We had to take drastic measures to keep him slightly happy for an hour or so there, one of which included playing in the truck. Hey, sometimes it's a whatever works type of situation....

But in other news he had an absolute blast at his sleepover and was absolutely perfect! Yes! I would much rather he not care to be away from us than freaking out. Good deal all around.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.26.2014

A birthday weekend breakfast out after a 5am wake up call, then a long nap for the little guy, then he went off to the nanny's for a sleepover while mama and poppy went on a hot date...car shopping and sushi in Seattle. It's the first night I've ever been away from him all night! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.25.2014

Owen is obsessed with "BALL!" He loves it. Maybe a future jayhawk on our hands? He's got a mean hook shot. 

Daily Owen: 4.24.2014

Owen loves to just come hang with me in the car when I get home from work. I'd like to think it is because he missed me but really it's because he likes to push the buttons.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pregnancy round 2: Week 19.

Well, somehow, AMAZINGLY we have made it to week 19. This is big news in that it means that we are almost at week 20 which means we are almost at the HALFWAY POINT. And god knows this pregnancy is lasting for DECADES so reaching week 20 feels almost like I should throw a party. Not there yet, but the fact that we almost are yields a tiny bit of celebration.


Week 19 side shot. Disregard Justin's arm. Called :multitasking (giving Owen a bath and me taking belly pictures). 

Week 19 front shot. 

Week 18 side shot.

Week 18 front shot. Um, I must have had a big dinner prior to the week 18 shots. I look bigger then that at week 19. What the heck? 

How I'm feeling?
Whelp, this week proved MUCH better than the prior two. Headaches were diminished and much more tolerable, and the nettle tea experience was a distant memory. HOWEVER. Ahem. Anyone who does not want TMI, please stop reading now. 

Can we just talk for a second about the boob pains? I mean, come ON MAN. I breastfed my first born for 18 months. I stopped once I got pregnant (because hell NO midwives I am NOT tandem nursing!), and then for the following 4 weeks, I got to see what my boobs are going to eventually become once all this child rearing and nursing business is over. And LET ME JUST SAY. Sad. Sad. Sad. This is vain and I know I should sit there and and just be proud of my itty bitty saggy boobies that have had the life sucked out of them and part of me is, but still, the vain part of me is well, sad. SO. That being said. To add insult to injury, last week boobie pain started to return. This week? OH MY GOSH. Who has the ice pick stabbing me in the nipples 24-7 and twisting and also then stabbing me in the sides of my boobs?? AND ALSO: STOP. I mean, isn't it enough that I lived through boobie pains in round 1, followed by nursing/bloody nipples (IE: HELL- why doesn't anyone tell you how much nursing can suck?) and then five bloody rounds of mastitis (IE: even more HELL), followed by another 8 months of relatively pleasant nursing with a few bites mixed in (OW), then at the end you are left with remnants of your old perky self. You would THINK that this whole nature thing would then say, ok, Jenn, your poor little boobies have had enough. This time, no pain. BUT NOPE. Bah. Just seriously bah. I can't even put a bra on without wanting to yelp. 

How I'm changing?
My body is constantly reminding me that I'm pregnant which is quite annoying because I'm at that point in pregnancy where I don't really FEEL that pregnant which means that I want to do things that I used to do. Enter yard work this weekend. For some reason it seemed like a great idea to buy a huge yard...IE: an acre. It was, in theory, until I realized that this means there are about a zillion weeds and a zillion hours in required maintenance. Luckily, it's been really nice here so we've had a chance to get out and tend to this dang yard. It's great, too, because Owen just runs around and loves it as well. Well, after spending all day Saturday and Sunday doing this? My body REVOLTED. It essentially told me to F--- off and die for all of that work and I couldn't move AT ALL. It was like I had run 40 marathons at 90 years old and even blinking required conscious thought. I was just absolutely SPENT. It was incredible. 

What I'm eating?
Since I'm in the awesome 2nd trimester, I'm eating everything "normal" again. YIPPEE! Even mexican food is now ok again, which is awesome. I think we made tacos a few times this week because it sounded so good. Amazing since for about 10 weeks there, the thought of anything mexican related made me want to hurl... spice, beans, tortilla chips, you name it... gag. So, I'm glad to say, this has diminished and I am now no longer wanting to barf from mexican food. 

Weight I'm gaining?
133 pounds this week, I was 133 last week too. This happened last time too. I gained a TON of weight up front- like 15-20 pounds, then it was just a steady hold every now and then or a 1-2 pound a week gain until the end so I ended up gaining around 35 pounds in total. I think I'll end up around 150-155ish or so this time, too, which is a 35-40 pound gain. Not too bad. I can't even really think about the numbers too much or I freak out. Prior to pregnancy, I never weighed more than 129 pounds. 

How I'm sleeping?
No complaints in this department, crazy enough! Although, I will say, the dreams are OUT OF CONTROL. Seriously trippy. I remember this from last time, too. I don't get why this happens. Hormones? Probably. But man, some of the things I have been dreaming are things that I can't even make up in my head when I'm awake. It's both hilarious and awesome all at the same time. I did dream the other night that I gave birth to a baby boy and then all of a sudden another one popped out and I was so mad that no one told me I was having twins. I think I had twin dreams last time too. I think this is what is called a pregnancy NIGHTMARE. 

What's the baby doing?

The baby is 6.0 inches or the size of a heirloom tomato (I've seen some of these and I'm hoping it's not of the "giant" heirloom tomato sizes...)
-The baby's senses are developing and specialized areas in the brain are being designated for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch (it continues to hear outside noises as if underwater).
-More controlled/conscious movements are occurring as neurons in the brain continue to develop (IE: kicks. FEELING THAT).
-The baby's kidneys continue to make urine (which by the way, goes into the amniotic fluid). I started calling it our baby that floats in its own pee. Justin tells me its sterile but this was a very odd realization for me. Guess all of us survived!
-Baby is basically pretty much a baby, just needs to grow and grow and grow...

What we are doing to prepare for the baby?
Hey, we actually did something this week! We started to car shop. We need a bigger car, go figure. When we bought our last car before Owen was born, we needed a car bigger than the mini cooper. Well, I wasn't quite ready to go THAT big yet so not surprisingly, the car we got will not fit two car seats. So, we are back in the market for a big car. We drove a couple and I was just a tiny bit depressed that I will be in a "mom car" SUV as much as Justin tried to sell that it was a "cool SUV." It's still an SUV, no way around it. BUT, it will be much more comfortable, roomy, etc... so we'll do it. Eventually. I haven't quite bit the bullet yet as I'm just not quite ready for that step yet... 

Random thoughts on pregnancy (pregnancy brain?)

I am having serious, serious breast feeding anxiety. This is both alarming and funny to me. I breast fed Owen for so long and was SUCH a huge proponent of breast feeding. I mean, I would probably still be breast feeding him now if I hadn't gotten pregnant. I was the true "breast is best" fan and truly believed in the benefits, bonding, etc etc. Now though? I see pictures of women breast feeding and it literally makes me nauseous. I get icky feeling thinking about another baby touching my boobs, much less sucking them. I seriously cannot handle the thought of breast feeding again this time. Last time, I was so die hard about it- it wasn't even a question. But this time? Everything about it just sounds horrible. The long showers to get the clogs out, the mastitis, the bloody nipples, the worrying about if the baby is getting enough, the sensitivity to things I was eating that effected the baby, the biting of the nipples.THE DAMN PUMP! BAH. It all just sounds HORRIBLE. I know I am going to do it which is why I still have 5 months to convince my brain how awesome it is again and block out all the bad parts associated with it. 

Daily Owen: 4.23.2014

I told Owen we were going on a walk and he grabbed his lunch box (suitcase?) that he "borrowed" from our nanny's house and took off. Carried the dang thing the.whole.time. So funny. 

Disregard his thug outfit. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pregnancy round 2: week 18.

On to week 18! I swear, time goes in like hyper-fast mode when pregnant. It's so weird. It's like it's altogether the slowest thing ever, but the fastest thing ever all at once. Shoot, that's kinda like kids too. I swear, just yesterday Owen was a day old so I'm not quite sure what happened to the last almost 2 years.


Week 18 side.

Week 18 front.

Week 17 side.

Week 17 front. Um, maybe I just slightly (ha!) popped out in week 18. Sheesh.

How I'm feeling?
SO much better than the nettle tea hell of last week. OH MY GOSH. I am SO glad I made it through that without any major war wounds. I am feeling pretty good. Definitely the second tri euphoria for the most part. I have noticed that I am starting to have some of that not-so pleasant pregnancy hip pain that I remember from last time. The best part about this is that I swear, the second (minute?) I had Owen, it completely dissipated. So, I can deal for a few months. But, in the meantime, it actually is fairly painful and quite obnoxious. I'm trying to be better about stretching hoping that will help. I'm told not wearing heels can help, too, but when I hear that all I hear in my head is LA LA LA LA. Sorry, not giving up heels.  

I also had quite a few headaches this week- pretty much one every day. I don't know if it's hormonal- probably partly- or a residual effect of being sick - possibly. I did have quite a few headaches with Owen, so I just deal and they go away. I don't take anything because they will usually just go away with some sleep and I figure I can just tough it out. Usually a neck/head rub from Justin helps a lot too.

One thing I had forgotten about pregnancy was the bleeding. ICK. Your blood volume doubles or triples or something crazy and you just bleed uncontrollably with anything. Every night when I floss, I gush blood. God forbid if I give myself a paper cut or something. It's gross. But, I also don't like blood, so that doesn't help matters. 

How I'm changing?
I really don't know that there is a whole lot notable here. Still have the 31 going on 16 year old acne gig (and backne... seriously INSULT TO INJURY with this side effect). My boobs seem to be expanding on a a daily basis (OH YEAH, forgot how much THAT hurt!) Still not really seeing a pregnancy "glow" but I am not one of those people who feel like I "glow" when pregnant. I mostly spend the first trimester wanting to barf and the rest of the time wanting to punch anyone who tells me they love being pregnant. Sorry, but I am a very, very bad pregnant person. DISCLAIMER: I am SO SO SO grateful that I am able to be pregnant and that is NEVER lost on me. BUT. I also hate being pregnant, despite also being grateful that I am able to be. I hate it and love it all the same. It is an honor to be able to carry my kids but it can't be over soon enough. HELLO contradictory pregnancy brain. Ahem.  

What I'm eating?
Really nothing out of the normal here anymore. I am eating more salads and more lean proteins. I've been craving a lot of chicken this pregnancy which I think I have mentioned before. That is subject to change at any given second but for now it's one thing that has been consistently good. Eggs for breakfast, chicken breast for dinner. YUM. (Usually at any point in time in my life, that sentence would make me dry heave).  

Weight I'm gaining? 
133 pounds this week, I was 131 last week. Pretty much on par with where I should be. A couple pounds heavier than Owen but we are going to go ahead and blame the fact that my body is just adapting right away... and also: the 400000 million pounds of carbs and butter I ate for the first 12 weeks.  

How I'm sleeping? 
Really no complaints here. The pregnancy is not waking me up, and neither is peeing really. I pee about once a night. I just have this dang two year old that screams "Mama, MAMA, MA-MA" at 2am, or 3am, or 4am....

What's the baby doing?

-The baby is 5.6 inches long and about the size of a sweet potato this week
-The bones in the baby's body continue to harden. One of the first bones to harden is the inner ear which is why the baby can probably hear sounds by now (although fuzzy, as if underwater)
-The baby continues to move around and you'll start to feel more and more movements in the coming week (I'm still feeling them randomly and it's hard to tell if it's a movement or gas...)
-The baby's blood vessels are visible through the skin and his/her ears are in the final position.
-A covering of myelin is forming around his/her nerves.
-A girls uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place and a boys penis is now very visible by ultrasound.

What we are doing to prepare for the baby?
This question makes me laugh every time this time around. Um. Well, on the days I think to remember that I actually AM pregnant, I acknowledge this little life inside of me. Other than that, well, hmm. Nothing.

Random thoughts on pregnancy (pregnancy brain?)

I have gotten to the point in the pregnancy where I miss wine. Mmmmm. That is all.

Daily Owen: 4.22.2014

Playing ice hockey pre-dinner. Hilarious. 

Daily Owen: 4.21.2014

In honor of my "birthday week" Owen and Justin got me a little present to kick off the week. And Owen got some green juice...and subsequently a nice green juice stache. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.19.2014

Fun start to an Easter weekend. We went to brunch per the usual with brother and grandpa Joe, then we went on an Easter egg hunt which was so cute. I thought that Owen might be a little young to really do anything with it, but he LOVED it and caught right on. He was so proud of his little basket of eggs. Adorable. We then played on the playground until the massive rain hit.

After an afternoon nap (for O), he woke up quite the grumpy little guy. (HI terrible twos! And also: the "terrible twos" are NO JOKE...especially when you are dealing with it while pregnant. Yikes). I had bought easter eggs to dye and for some reason thought that he would love this (while I thought that he wouldn't love the Easter egg hunt). Wrong all around! The dying of Easter eggs with a 20 month old was a dismal failure. Oh well, next year!

Still a fun Saturday! Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Daily Owen: 4.17.2014

Playing in the rain...and drinking sparkly water. You know, just livin the dream!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pregnancy round 2: week 17.

Week 17. Oh week 17. I am SO, SO glad you are behind me...and since I'm 20 weeks today, you are far behind me. I swear I am going to get caught up on this.


Side shot.

Front shot.

Week 16 side shot.

Week 16 front shot.

How I'm feeling?
This week was awful. Just awful. I got so sick and I think it was only slightly (and possibly inadvertently pregnancy related). We went to the midwives and for my freaking itching, they told me to drink nettle tea. I drank a nettle tea mixture last time in pregnancy (right before giving birth as it helps the uterus contract), so figured no big deal and also: I will try ANYTHING to get the itching to stop. So, I sent my dear husband to the health store to buy some loose leaf nettle tea for me to try. That night we steeped some and I drank a cup. Next morning, drank another cup. My stomach felt a little off and it was only a matter of an hour or so before I was in the bathroom...where I spent the bulk of the day. Let me just say: being sick while pregnant and knowing that the sickness is most likely not pregnancy related = WORST THING EVER. 

I can only draw the line that somehow I am allergic to nettle tea. It was a similar reaction as I now have to mushrooms (which also started after I was pregnant with Owen). So, maybe it's something in each of these things?? Anyway, over 24 hours of a 100+ fever and feeling like I was going to die, and eventually I FINALLY felt a tiny bit better and was at least able to eat some bread. AWFUL. 

On the plus side: I did feel the baby move for sure this week (I thought I did last week but wasn't positive). It is WAY earlier than last time, but that is pretty typical for the second time around. I will say hands down that this is by far the coolest (albeit completely crazy) thing about being pregnant. 

How I'm changing?
Nothing too notable here but I will say that my little boobies did finally get the memo that I'm pregnant again and started to grow like crazy. I forgot how much they can hurt. OW. 

What I'm eating?
This week I basically had 4 days where I could barely eat anything and everything sounded repulsive. Awesome job food poisoning, just awesome. I can say one thing I will NOT be touching, probably ever again: nettle tea. 

Weight I'm gaining? 
131 pounds this week. Last week I was 129 so that's about normal. I was 129 with Owen, so still pretty much right where I should be. I just FEEL so much bigger this time around. I'm already in maternity clothes, I feel like I'm popping out WAY more than I was with Owen at this stage and I just feel like a house already. I think that's just par for the course for #2, but the numbers indicate that I'm right in line with where I should be. Part of the issue is probably that I'm so busy at work and with Owen that I just don't have the time like I had last time to work out. 

How I'm sleeping? 
Really can't complain much here. I wake up about once a night to pee, and once a night for Owen. It's really awesome on nights when the two are combined... or better yet when I don't wake up at all! I remember last time being awake a lot more often to pee so I will say that is one nice thing about this time around. 

What's the baby doing?

The baby is 5.1 inches long and about the size of an onion (seriously what is with the fruit/vegetable references for baby size? It cracks me up).
-The baby has mastered swallowing, sucking, and blinking and may have hiccups
-The baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker
-Fat and sweat glands are forming underneath the baby's skin and will continue to do so until the later months of pregnancy to help prepare your baby for the temperature change from inside the womb to outside

What we are doing to prepare for the baby?
Whelp, can't say that we did anything (AGAIN) this week to prepare for the baby. This poor kid already has #2 syndrome. I think in the next few weeks (months), it's going to start to click that we have another one on the way and I'll get in to gear and start doing something (anything!?)

Random thoughts on pregnancy (pregnancy brain?)
Other than the whole feeling sick thing this week, I really don't FEEL too pregnant. I don't remember feeling like that with Owen. I always FELT pregnant. This time, I have to really think about it or I feel a flutter or something and am like OH YEAH. It's pretty funny.