Friday, September 16, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.13.2016

Came home to massive art projects today!

....and later...this is called how bath time goes wrong!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.12.2016

Hot shot with his back pack on! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.11.2016

When did this kid get so big?

And this one, too?!

The kids wanted to hike again, so we did a little hike by our house and took all 4 boys. Circus!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.10.2016

Justin had the crazy idea to take the kids on a hike to snow lake today. I didn't actually think it would happen....we haven't done this hike since one of our first dates and it's not really for the faint of heart, especially with kids strapped to us. But, we got up this morning and maybe the coffee hit just right. We decided to go for it and trucked all 8.5 miles. 

Owen hiked quite a bit at the beginning and end, the kids had a blast playing in the lake, they took naps while we were being tortured on the way down, and Owen was super excited to try a "real outhouse." It was really intense physically but the kids did so awesome. So fun to share this love with our kids...and pretty sentimental to get back there too.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.5.2016

We started off the summer via a hike and splash at discovery park, so it seemed fitting to head over there again on labor day to commemorate the unofficial "last" day of summer. The tide was way up this time, and it was a little cold by the water, but we still had a blast.

Later: more fun. We love holidays!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.9.2016

The jump jump game. The appropriate hashtag would be #boys.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.8.2016

I had to leave the house at 6am today, so  miss Collette came over while the kids slept....except someone was too excited she was coming so he was up at 5:30...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.7.2016

First day of preschool, year #2! He is going an extra day this year, and a long day on Fridays. He is so excited!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 9.6.2016

Bennett ate his dinner like a yogi or monk or something...hilarious!

And Owen acted like a monkey...

And in case anyone thinks potty training one kid is is WAY messier when #1 trains #2.