Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.23.2016

We had to get a new wheelbarrow today as our old one went completely KAPUT, and we now have about 398042 loads of wood to haul. Related: the TREE IS DOWN. And our neighbor actually cooperated. Of course, I think dropping the fact that we had been in touch with an attorney and sending a certified letter all helped.

But, the tree did come down, thanksgiving is on... we are in good shape for tomorrow, considering all of the events of this week.

Only downside to this otherwise positive day is that Owen was goofing off and appears to have jammed his toe. Hoping that is it and he was just really tired and it's not broken. Boys... :(

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.22.2016

B on Brad's motorcycle... too cute.

Owen and his other buddy, Connor.

Owen teaching Phoebe how to crawl... and actually it's working. Girlfriend is on the move!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.21.2016

This is what happens when you put your younger brother in a headlock. He learns to fight back and bite you.

And he smiles knowing that he won that round. Oh, boy.

Tree update: company today mimicked the same concerns as the last two companies. Tree is extremely dangerous, needs to come down. They will come out on Wednesday to cut it down. Our neighbor meanwhile, still thinks we should just "let it fall." We've been talking to the County, sending certified letters, talking to attorneys... GOOD TIMES.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.20.2016

Boys will be boys... playing "sliding games" in the mud...

Update on tree: did not fall on house last night. Phew. Lucky. Another company should be coming out today to take a look.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.19.2016

B got his hair cut today while Poppy and Owen went to a car show!

In other news: today we also took a look at a tree that Justin had heard crack. Sure enough, it had uprooted and was leaning our way. We had two different tree companies out this afternoon to look at it, both of who warned how dangerous the tree was and that it was not a matter of if but when they tree would fall, and it would for sure fall through our house. It is a 180-200 foot fur, so not a small tree by any stretch. This is our neighbor's tree and the second one in 6 months to fall our direction. The first clipped our house... She seems to just want to let it fall and let insurance deal. Meanwhile, half of our house is off limits for obvious reasons. Ugh...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.18.2016

Today was Owen's Thanksgiving feast at preschool! I made a stop as well to see the kid chaos. It was pretty fun, and they definitely had a feast.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.17.2016

One thing that is difficult about the boys new found friendship is that the both want the exact same thing that the other one wants, even if that's not really the case. Makes sense? I think it's a typical sibling thing but man is it annoying. IE: Bennett usually loves to read books with me (or really with anyone), but since Owen wanted to read books with Dad, so did B. And it goes both ways. Bennett wants something so then all of a sudden, Owen wants something. HOLY COW.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.16.2016

I made it home to Seattle tonight. Back in the routine of bedtime, brushing teeth, etc. Feels so good to be home.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.15.2016

Poppy wins the award today-- he found a car track for the boys. They were in awe!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.14.2016

I got this picture while in Alaska today: Owen doing a large puzzle on the table. Quite literally.

And again, with the outfit. I swear, we try to get him to wear other things. Let's just say we are really testing our washing machine...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.13.2016

I had to leave to go to Alaska this morning for work. The cute boys of mine took me to the airport, and they went on to watch a bike race.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.12.2016

Nightly gymnastics routine: poppy vault!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.11.2016

I got home and couldn't figure out where Owen and Bennett were. Turns out, they were "hiking" in our side yard...

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.10.2016

Mohawk styling.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.9.2016

Someone was up at 5 freaking 30 today.... so, he took a shower while I got ready for work.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.8.2016

The boys got little subscriptions from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. They were so excited to get these cards in the mail, and really didn't care to hear what the cards actually meant.

(Unrelated: notice a theme going here on Owen's outfit??)

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.7.2016

Owen and one of his best buddies, Simon!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.6.2016

Playing with stickers with poppy... AKA: putting stickers all over poppy.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.5.2016

Perhaps I should start a whole new segment called "nights at our house?" It could be quite comical.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.4.2016

For the first time in two years, I finally see Owen & Bennett developing  bit of a buddy friendship. It's really cool to watch. They play well together, they dance, they help each other out. Of course, there are also tears no less than 50,000 times a day because Owen has plowed Bennett over or something, but, hey, I'll take it.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.3.2016

For the past week or so, Owen has insisted on sleeping on the floor in Bennett's room. Whatever, it's one of those things where we just don't fight it and figure the new phase will come in another week.

Yet another phase: insisting on dressing himself. Which means: soccer attire, long underwear (you know because it's cold here right now and shorts don't really work), and soccer cleats... plus, Halloween socks and captain America sweatshirt. Of course.

Here we go...

I'm about 3 weeks behind, with all past 3 weeks saved to my blog via my phone, but I can't post from there. What better to do this evening than some massive back blogging!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.2.2016

You know the weather flat out sucks around here when your 4 year old asks if the sun is ever going to come back. I have been here for almost 10 years now (?!!!), and I have to say, the weather has not ever really bothered me. We have had rain, sure, but it's been broken up by days of sun. And the weather is never THAT cold or THAT hot. It's always perfect for virtually any outdoor activity you want to do, save for maybe if you always want to sun bathe on a beach or play sand volleyball. But this year has been rough. I feel like it's been raining since AUGUST. It's not even THAT cold (60s), but man. The rain. STOP IT. It's not even what I would consider the "normal" Seattle rain which is really more of a mist. It's been down pours. I don't know if it's an abnormal year or if it's just getting to me this year, but I feel like I need a good dose of vitamin D. Perhaps it is also just the time of year where it also is dark early in the morning and starting to get dark WAY early in the afternoon (the flip side is that our summers are amazing and we have light for about 18 hours a day).... but, sigh. I digress. I think it is just getting to me this year.

Anyway, we had a break in the rain today between pouring down rain this morning and another huge blob heading towards us this evening that's about as big as the whole freaking state, so we took advantage. Took the kids to "Owen's bike race," aka Owen and Bennett riding on the trail and mom and dad trying to keep up. Fun times. I think we all felt better after some fresh air, too. Except for maybe Justin who twisted his ankle while chasing the kids. Dang it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.1.2016

These are the pictures I get at work... ha!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 10.31.2016

Happy Halloween from our little civil servants! They loved trick or treating this year, and got to do so with their friend Krissy. We had a lot of fun, and the rain even held off for the most part!