Sunday, August 30, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.30.2015

We have decided that Bennett is our little tyrant/maniac. Seriously the kid is in to everything and has no fear. 


He attacked me this afternoon!

This evening: the fun throw stuff out of crib game.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.29.2015

Took B on another walk today in between the wind and rain...kinda lost him!

Tonight we had friends over and they brought their 12 year old daughter, who Owen loves. He was so excited to play with her!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.28.2015

Brothers cuddling this morning....

FLASHBACK....when did they get so big?!

Later today it actually wasn't raining, so Luke, B and I went hiking and met up with poppy and Owen who were biking!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.27.2015

Rain is in the forecast (along with 60 degree days...bah!) so we are enjoying every last second of this 80 degree, sunny weather! Seriously we were outside until 8:30pm. Not quite ready to let summer go!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.26.2015

What is it with kids and jumping on beds?

Owen says "ready, poppy? Yes, poppy?" Then dives off....

B decided he wanted to try, too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.25.2015

Somehow I'm thinking this doesn't end well. 

(Note: it didn't but only because Owen refused to pick up his toys at the end).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.24.2015

 Boys got to go to Miss Collette's this morning and got some cuddles in with their buddy Quinn!

Later today when I got home, I went on a little walk with B.

And Owen went to see the construction workers with poppy and got to ride in the huge excavator!! He was so excited. He apparently told the guy he just got hs excavator and back hoe for his birthday. Hilarious.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.23.2015

We started out our day by heading to the dog park. But we had to check our tank first. And then not 10 minutes into being in the car Owen yells he has to go poo. I love potty training. (Note: it was a fake out...there was no poo despite a mad rush to the nearest anywhere, which ended up being a grocery store).

Dog park fun!

We then headed to target to pick up a couple of things. We had also promised Owen he could get a back pack and lunchbox for when he starts school in a couple of weeks. He was so excited.

Hard to believe my baby is a little boy now.

Meanwhile the other one is walking. Now I'm going to go work on figuring how to slow down time.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.22.2015

Pretty low key Saturday around here. Playing outside all morning....

Followed by a walk where Owen drove his jeep...

And we ended the night by playing outside some more in the kids' "house."

Friday, August 21, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.21.2015

Boys got to play at Miss Colllette's this morning for the first time in a while. So fun!

They then went to volunteer with poppy...Owen especially had a blast!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.20.2015

Grandma and grandpa had to leave this morning...

After they left, we headed to get a haircut in Bellevue.

Then on to swimming!

After swimming, Owen got to ride his new jeep!

And B played on the dog bed. Ha.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.19.2015

Ah, such a day of memories.

4 years ago I married my best friend and the guy I couldn't imagine sharing a day without.

3 years ago today we welcomed our first son.

It's a day of love and laughter and family... and a joyful reminder of all that we have created in the past few years. Sometimes the weight of this day is just overwhelming. I want to dwell on each event and get my head around how happy I am for both my marriage and the birth of Owen. I want to relive the wedding day in its entirety all day, and then I want to relive the first hours of Owen's life all day. There's so much happiness and joy in today!

Bennett gave me a little gift today, too... (happy anniversary to me!)... in that he cuddled with me for a while. I stand firm in that there is NOTHING better than baby cuddles. What might be just as good is an almost toddler that still willingly gives out baby cuddles. Hopefully this doesn't end ever! Although someday we might be better off if I lay on his chest, as he is assuredly going to be much larger than me (sniff).

Our big THREE year old got a big truck as one of his birthday presents! WHOO! (Wearing his fireman pants, of course). 

After a little bit of drama with the big present we got him (it didn't work so Justin and I had to run in to town to do an exchange- in which we actually ended up getting a much more expensive item for a straight exchange- AWESOME!), Owen got to see the big ticket item. Look at that face! 

New jeep! Sidenote: we got him this as B is now going to be fitting in to the smaller "motor" car and this will (hopefully) prevent some arguments. Also, since it's still warm out, it seemed like a better time to do it than when it's cold (IE: like Christmas). 

Birthday cake! 

It's hard to believe our "baby" is three! It's also hard to believe that 4 years ago, we didn't have either of the turtles and were just venturing in to this life together. So happy for all that we have and all that we have to look forward to together. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.18.2015

Today was a fun day! We took Owen and Bennett (ok, really this was mostly just for Owen's benefit), to Remlinger Farms. It's a little farm right by our house-- about 10 minutes. We've been before for a company picnic of mine, but that entailed mostly just going straight to the picnic area and not really exploring anything else. I was impressed with all of the activities they have for kids. Although I will say: it is not really a "farm" as I am used to seeing as how I am from Kansas City where we do in fact have actual FARMS. I was expecting to see many more animals and not see so many rides. But hey, it was a huge hit for the little guy, so no complaints here. Must just be how the good old pacific northwest does "farm."

Chugga chugga choo choo!

Riding Peaches the pony. Owen got to ride his first pony back in May when we visited KC so he was a veteran at this. He was much more relaxed this time. 

First canoe ride!

And then a big train ride for everyone. It was a pretty hot day, so it was nice for all of us to sit for a second.

B was losing his marbles... just a little bit. The farm didn't open until 10:30 (for a kids farm, this seems so weird to me), so we were bumping right up against naptime.

Owen got to drive us all around in big cars! 

I only look terrified.... Fast forward 16 years... and I really will be terrified!


And a cool little flying ride... some sort of flying corn (OK, a little odd, but whatever).