Friday, July 31, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.31.2015

The boys woke up today at 9 freaking 30. What?!

I was going to try to go to work but that plan failed. So, instead, we swung by Justin's grandmas house to try to watch the blue angels. We got to see them a little bit but not exactly as we had planned. The kids started to melt down so we headed home.

Later this afternoon, we strapped on baby sunglasses to B. Hilarious! He couldn't figure them out.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.30.2015

Poor little guy still feeling a little under the weather. Love the cuddles, though.

This guy is all piss and vinegar. Found a pear, thought he would eat it. Why not?!

And playing on the couch later today. Such a goof.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.29.2015

Sick day #2 for me...a week for O. My dang fever won't go away and Owen's came back today. Ugh. 

We tried to make a trip to the dog park...and did, but Owen was a bit of a mess. So poppy got a good workout in. 

Later today: O and B playing.

Or rather B smacking Owen on the head. Ha!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.28.2015

Sick day #million! At least for O. For me it was my first of this crap. And O.M.G. I forgot how much I despise being sick. 

Justin cancelled all of his clients to help me. I think it freaked him out when I was shaking in bed and claimed I was freezing cold but felt like I was 553368 degrees. 

We made a trip to Home Depot and I tagged along trying to feel somewhat normal. Thanks to Advil, I kind of did.

Later in the day: Owen taking his "yucky" medicine all by himself. It's pretty nasty but he's so good about it (plus there's a pretty good treat for doing it!)

And in the evening: love the outfit and legs for days. Plus a little sorbet. That always helps you feel better.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.27.2015

Another night of no sleep! Whoop! We are getting good at this. But once again, all smiles upon waking.

We dragged the big guy to the doctor to get checked out (all good- keep doing what we are doing), and he was apparently tired from a tough night, too.

It was another lazy day...and Owen got a hold of my phone more than once. A selfie by him:

We decided to get a little fresh air this afternoon and watch the construction workers by our house. (They are repairing the road and it is endless entertainment). Owen seemed better by the end of the day but sadly, I'm the next victim. Boo!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.26.2015

Haaaaappy Sunday! Rough weekend around these parts with sick toddler and teething baby. Basically no one is sleeping. But they both woke up happy!

I ran to the store to get some medicine for Owen's cough. When I got home, we all worked in the yard a little bit.

Owen is a great scooper...and insists on a big boy shovel. He actually does a good job of handling it.

As we are standing outside, we realize Luke is not around. We start calling him and nothing. He is usually pretty good at sticking by us, but occasionally he will wander off to explore which is no big deal (because he will coming running when we call). Today, nope. After about 20 minutes, I got a little worried and was just lacing up my shoes to get in the car. All of a sudden a huge deer came blazing out of our neighbors tree line and up our bank. I was like holy crap!! Next thing I know our silly dog comes blazing behind it, trying to catch it. So funny!! Not sure if he was trying to protect us or just play, but it was pretty dang funny. 

Guard dog:

In the evening, we had tickets to wicked! Our good friends said they would watch the kids as Collette was out of town. We debated all day about going since Owen was sick, but ultimately decided to try it on the basis that O was a little better and we could leave at anytime if we needed too. It was awesome! Such a fun night out.

And our friend Jake handled both kids all by himself with no issues. He's a rockstar!! There weren't even meltdowns when we got home. Of course neither of them slept again, but that's a different issue!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 7.25.2015

Lazy, rainy day around here! We took the dog to the dog park. Owen got to ride his bike so that was fun!

B got to ride in the back pack.

Later this afternoon after naps for everyone, even mom and dad (so weird): playing with the wild man.

Somehow pretty sure that's not how the zebra is meant to be ridden...

Ooooh! A fan mom! 

Owen and his "mo-mo"...that needs new juice.

And "fixing" his other bike!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Month 9: Dear Bennett,

Here we are on practically the eve of your 1st birthday, and I'm just blogging about your 9th month. I guess it's kind of the curse of being the 2nd kid? Either that or I'm just a horrible procrastinator at these posts. Haven't decided. I have about 3 weeks to get caught up, so let's go. Pictures:

Owen on the left at 9 months.

Months 1-6 (1-3 on left, 4-6 on right).

Months 7-9. 

Let's see goofy boy, what did we do this month? 

Well, the big development is that you REALLY started to cruise all over. You were before, but now you are EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. You are beyond fearless, stubborn, and you are FAST. If you want something, it's guaranteed you will get to it. 

....including dog food, which continues to fascinate you daily. While your brother watches and says "uh oh." 

Getting clothes or a diaper on you has become damn near impossible. You don't have time to stop and wait for trivial things like CLOTHES or DIAPERS. If you're naked, you are gone. See ya fools! It's been a glimpse into two mobile kids and let me just say: I can now see how I am going to lose any remaining baby weight. 

We made a few trips to poppy's work, but not like we used to. You are too mobile now to try to get a workout in, so it's easier to drop you off at Miss Collette's and let her chase you around. 

You got to play with your friends again this month. In this case, Tiernan, who is a month younger than you but determined to catch you in weight/height (spoiler: he does). 

And Miss Millie, who is a couple of months older than you. 

You also got to play with Owen's buddy Carter, who just wanted to hold you all day. You didn't seem to mind.

We also continued swimming lessons this month. You love the water, and so does your brother, so we'll just keep you in them. 

Your poppy and I were also brave enough to take you and your brother on your first weekend camping trip. In a tent. We might have been crazy, but it was a fun time! 

All of us on the ferry over to Lopez Island. We were lucky in that it was a really nice weekend but still early enough in the season to not be super busy.

Playing in the tent!

Cuddling with poppy on our first night. We hope that both you and Owen grow to love the outdoors as much as we do. You really might not have much of a choice as we intend to drag you outdoors as often as we can. 

Little camping stud. 

In the morning after our first night. You only wanted to sleep on me, but hey, it was relatively uneventful, so we'll take it! 

Playing in the playground right by our campsite. You were not a fan of the rocks on your feet. Ha!

And sleeping away as we packed up camp on the following morning. You guys were troopers and we can't wait to go again soon. 

You also truly fell in love with playing with toys this month. And by toys I mean anything that's not really a toy. Like kitchen utensils. 

And whisks. 

And anything that is Owen's, which of course then makes him decide that it's his FAVORITE TOY, even if he hasn't ever touched it. Brotherly love right there... 

You are doing a little better on the sleeping front. We haven't had any significant teeth in a while and you're giving us longer chunks than we've had in a long time. Long being relatively. If we get more than 5 hours at once, I'm usually up just waiting for you. That's ok, though. We'll sleep someday.

You did fall asleep in a couple of weird places this month. Including in your jumper. The cuteness from that never gets old. 

You also continued to eat and expand your palate this month. You're still not a HUGE fan of food but we're getting there. Slowly. 

The relationship you have with Owen continues to evolve. You think he's the funniest, coolest guy on the planet, but you also hold your own against him if he's being a bully. It's pretty cute to watch.

The most favorite thing in the world of mine is to watch the three of you play together. The laughs and smiles are so real and genuine that my heart just explodes. 

Little B, you truly make our family whole. Your smile lights up our whole lives, and despite leaving us slightly sleep deprived and wondering how we are going to survive you- our fire cracker, free spirited little tyrant (mainly in the teenage years), we are better for having you here. You are so easy going and just love to BE. 

Plus, you give the best cuddles in the world. I don't remember your brother ever being so cuddly.

Your ninth month brought me my first mother's day with you. And while Owen made me a mom, you have made me an even better mom. A different mom, in a lot of ways. It really is true what they say that every kid is different, and opens your heart up to a different kind of love-- a different love than you knew before, and shows you that your heart is capable of expanding even when you thought it was already full to the brim. Thank you Baby B for giving me this precious gift.