Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mailbox Peak-June 22, 2008

Crazy, insane hike. There really are no words.

After hiking on a trail blazed by mountain men (meaning lots of stepping over tree roots, climbing rocks, trying to make sure you were going the right way), you get to the tree line and see this. Straight up- your pick, snow or boulder field. I picked snow, Tim picked rocks. The snow was actually fun and for a second I regained some energy at this point because I thought we were almost done. Quite the contrary, after this there was about another mile of climbing the to the peak.

We finally made it! The guy next to me is hiking Rainer in a couple of weeks. He asked if that's what we were training for too (or if we were just trying to kick our own asses). In the mailbox, people leave whatever memento they feel like and there is a log to write down your name and date. Not sure who actually decided to put a mailbox on top of a peak, but it works.

Resting against the mailbox, snow in the background. I just can't get over the fact that there was snow. In June. At the end of June. Crazy.

What we were looking down on...

The nice lady training for Mt Adams took our picture together.

Absolutely astounding view. On the way down the sun totally broke through the clouds.

Gorgeous. Would do it again in a heartbeat even considering the next day I was thinking cookie sheets as aids to get down stairs.

Mount Si-June 14, 2008

This was a round trip 8 mile hike to the top of a peak close by us- in North Bend (which is only about 30 minutes away). It was a great day hike- the path was well marked and it was not too challenging and the view was fantastic!

Looking over the side of the mountain.

I had to put the above picture of Tim in because I spent 10 freaking minutes trying to get it perfect. We have identical frames that he wanted to put pictures of us in (me in one, him in another) on top of Mt Si. He took an identical picture of me first so then I had to try to match it. I am not a very patient person so that was not a fun 10 minutes.

Pretty waterfall close to the base.

Bellingham, WA

Tim and I took a trip up to Bellingham (which is about 30 minutes south of the Canadian border, 1.5 hours north of here) right after we got Duncan, the FJ back in February. We wanted to take the FJ for its first cruise so we decided to explore up there since I had never been there. It was a pretty cold day but Bellingham was a pretty cool town. It's pretty like here but it has a much more small, college town vibe.

We look very northwestern here. Which is I guess what we are... but Tim even has a flannel jacket on- that's rustic! Now I need one I guess to really fit in..

Stunning views of the ocean.

Um, ok, so the purple star fish was a little weird to me.

I think this picture is from right around the same time period but on a different hike called Edgewick just east of here... it was FREEZING that day but we wanted to get outside so we did Edgewick which is easy but also has a huge waterfall so it makes you forget you are actually freezing to death.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis


This is the phrase of the day for me that FINALLY explains my stupid eyes for the past two months.

So, at the end of busy season, I went to the eye doctor up here since I needed new contacts and hadn't been since 2005 in Phoenix. I got new contacts, an eye exam, and was on my way. I think I may have posted about my experience with eye dialation but other than that, no issues. The dude changed the type of contacts I had but they seemed fine so no big deal.

A few weeks later, I arrived in Phoenix after experiencing dry eyes for a couple of weeks. That night my right eye was insanely dry and I spent the better part of the night attempting (and failing) not to itch it. I woke up with it swollen shut and looking like someone had implanted a golf ball into my eye socket. At 8am the first morning I was in Phoenix, the day I was supposed to see all of my friends, I landed myself right into urgent care. I got a few drops of stuff that made the swelling go down and thought I was good to go.

Three weeks later, my eye is still swollen but you can't really tell unless you're two inches from my face. It's gooping yellowy crap which is very unusual for me and I can't really keep my contacts in because they get dry and my eyes start to itch.

I go to the eye doctor- again- explaining the whole Phoenix debacle, what eyedrops I had been using from them, etc. I say that maybe I have dry eyes or allergies- I'm not sure. Then...

He. is. a. total. asshole.

He gives me some sort of retarded attitude telling me that "it is allergy season here" and "since both eyes itch, it's definitely allergies." The whole time he's talking to me like I'm a total idiot or hypochondriac and shouldn't be there wasting his time. This is my problem with arrogant pricks like him- ESPECIALLY when I am paying for his services. I mean, seriously, dude, what the hell?!?! Oh and then the best part at the end of my visit, he doesn't even thank me, he just leaves me sitting in the exam room and I figure out I'm done when he walks in with another patient. Nice, now it's my turn to thank him for wasting MY time.

So I leave feeling pretty pissed and like I'm stupid because apparently "it's just allergies" but I have another dose of some eye drops that should help, assuming I do just have allergies. I start using these eyedrops and they seem to help but I'm still getting the gooping and itching. I start taking over the counter allergy medicine thinking that HAS to be what's going on.

Finally, this past week, I have had enough. There is no crease in my right eye because it's so swollen and I just can't believe that it's allergies anymore. I've NEVER had allergies like this. So I make an appointment with a new eye doctor. SHE. IS. THE. NICEST. LADY. EVER.

Thank god.

But apparently, I have this giant papillary conjunctivitis which guess what that means?! I am allergic, all right. To what, you ask? TO MY NEW CONTACTS! UGGGGGGH! That stupid idiot switched the type of contacts I use because he claimed they were better (according to this new amazing lady, they are actually a cheaper kind and not better at all). So these new cheap contacts he claimed were better are made of materials that apparently my eyes absolutely despise. She said she has never seen a worse case of this in terms of inflammation of my eyelids, specifically my right eye. Lovely. And she didn't even see any of the goop! Gross! So now, I have to start wearing my glasses for a month (after getting that prescription filled since I haven't since, um, college) and then start aggressive treatments to treat the inflammation and THEN once that has gone away I get to wear new contacts... which are actually going to be the old type of contacts I wore. What. a. pain.

She said it would most likely be a long road. It is totally annoying but I am just glad nothing is really wrong. I actually called her as a final resort because I got freaked out from looking at the internet and reading everywhere that I was going blind. That and I was sick of dealing with swelling goopiness. At least now I know that I am going to be ok even if I do go insane from having to wear glasses for a month...or more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I just heard thunder here. THREE times. I think that is the first three thunders I've heard in about 5 years. SO. AWESOME.