Sunday, November 29, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.28.2015

Happy Saturday! B found baby Dylan's barrette and thought it was cute...he might be having an identity crisis with a bow in his hair and an Owen bib on. No wonder why he tries to jump off everything (kidding).

Owen at breakfast. Just because. I think he's kinda cool. 

We were feeling a little bit of cabin fever so got dressed to go outside...and it is COLD. It hasn't thawed out in about 5 days so looks like we actually have snow on the ground (it's just frost). So, we had to keep the kids warm. Enter snow babies! 

We only lasted about 45 minutes before the kids and I came back in to make hot cocoa and eat apple crisp. 

This evening: Owen playing with his favorite Christmas stuffed animal. Called poo poo dog. I also had a favorite Christmas stuffed animal as a kid. His name was moosletoe. I loved that part of the holiday! Such a special time of year. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.27.2015

Bennett walked around with a helmet on his face today. This seemed brilliant to me.

On the right way: also smart. Now if we could also get some bubble wrap for our fearless little dude.

We did not leave the house today. We had a big breakfast with everyone, stayed in sweats, started a fire, took naps (even mom and dad!), read books by the fire, and put up Christmas decorations. In my humble opinion, it was the best way to spend the day after thanksgiving. I loved every minute of it!

Picture of my growing up too fast firstborn (modeling Christmas PJs and decor).

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.26.2015

Happy Thanksgiving! 

A few pictures of our little turkeys:

They were a good help getting ready for our party. We have it down to an art now, so thanksgiving is pretty low key despite the crowd. So fun. 

We had about 20ish people show up, and the food was great. Wine was great. Desserts were great. We are blessed beyond measure for our life and the people in it. 

Cousins and Grammy stayed the night, which was so fun! The big cousins stayed up past their bedtime until about 11pm, and the adults stayed up WAY past their bedtime until about 1am. So fun. 

A few pics of Grammy and her littles: 

A few more pictures were taken with Justin's phone but will upload in a different post. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.25.2015

One has a shirt and no pants, and one has pants and no shirt....

And the big one is sitting in the baby chair and the little one is standing in the adult chair. And this is about how our day went!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.24.2015

Piano time at Miss Collette's... They both love it. We might have to find one someday. 

Watching the garbage man: a close second to the piano.

After Miss Collette's, it was playtime at Isla's and Dylan's. B and D are hilarious! They are little go getters.

Look mid picture middle of chair....

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.23.2015

Still in the throes of the cold of the century here (bah), but these two could care less. Sort of related: the older they get, the more they wrestle. Which means when they are on top bunk playing, we are hovering referee. 

Big boys! Seriously, where did my babies go?!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.22.2015

Owen loves cooking! Today he helped poppy make blueberry pancakes...yum!

After dinner drawing...was hard to tell my  drawings from Owens. 

And then B ate something clue what...just saw it and tried to fish it out (unsuccessful). Then 2 hours later,  he drank too much water and milk and barfed all over (though happy as a clam). Poor kid. Hopefully he will have an uneventful night. Cross your fingers!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.21.2015

Fighting little colds around here ( these ever end?!) so we had a low key day by the fire. Well, I managed to get out and wrap up thanksgiving shopping but then I joined everyone for the low key day. 

Here is B...deciding that Luke needed to following him around with his food bowl. 

Neglected a picture of Oe today--whoops! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.20.2015

We have terminated the high chair from our house. B was not a fan so we just said screw it, we are done. Now he gets to eat with us at the table. 

He is so happy and proud of himself!

He also decided tonight that he wants to play baseball with brother.  He actually did really well especially since Owen decided to give him the biggest bat...the one as big as B.

And here's Owen pouting. Who knows why. Probably because we breathed too loud. Toddlers....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.19.2015

Hungry hungry hippos! 

(And why, yes, Bennett did in fact climb up on the table). 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.18.2015

Bennett has learned to climb and there is literally no stopping him! At one point: 

...while Owen nicely drank his water.

Annnnd at another point:

While Owen nicely ate his dinner. :facepalm: 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.17.2015

It was an early morning this morning. 

First I woke B from a dead sleep...

...and then Owen. 

And then this happened on the 5 minute drive home midday. Ha!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.16.2015

Phew the boys are tough cookies sometimes. It's really fun when one is in a foul mood and the other is a perpetual monkey! Also known as: mama needs a glass of wine! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 11.15.2015

Another day, more climbing for B!

And late night snack for two cute turtles.