Saturday, February 28, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.28.2015

Gooood morning! The littlest has already learned the art of taking selfies. Bonus: it entertains him to no end. Probably how people used to use mirrors to play with babies.... 

When poppy went to work, I got a wild hair to just go ahead and get my shopping done (Costco and grocery store). With both kids. Alone. On a Saturday morning. I will say this: I am definitely addicted to caffeine. I was SO crabby this morning. I had not had coffee. I thought I didn't need it. Somehow not sleeping in a month plus drinking coffee not only means I'm staying alive but it also means I'm addicted. Bah. That's going to be fun to break once I'm sleeping again. Anyway! This is all interrelated. When I decided to go to Costco with both kids alone, I had not had my coffee. And I'm now addicted to caffeine (meaning I totally get the saying now "I haven't had my coffee yet.") So this meant for me today my judgement was completely impaired. IE: I made a judgement call that bordered insanity. Note to self: drink coffee before making decisions in the future. At least until I'm sleeping and no longer a caffeine addict. 

The short story: Costco with two kids by yourself on a Saturday is CRAZY. Seriously CUH-RAZY. I literally got to my car and was sweating. It was a bona fide workout. 

Sidenote: what the *!#% is up with people at Costco, specifically men? I swear there was this one dude today who was blocking the isle waiting for a sample for like five minutes. Finally moved and did the same thing just down the isle. I mean really. You don't notice that I have a massive cart plus two kids and just want to get by? But by all means, get your meatball because clearly all we should be doing here is EATING SAMPLES. What.the.hell. I was very glad I had my coffee at this point or I might have gone all crazy mom on him... Instead I was polite. While mouthing a "oh my god you've got to be kidding me" to a mom next to me. Vent over. 

After the grocery store and simultaneous kiddo meltdowns (good times!) B was hungry, so O got to be pilot while I nursed Bennett. 

We then drove home, unloaded, and I got a little cuddle bug on my chest. Owen never cuddled so much at this age (unless I'm forgetting- entirely possible).

I did a little work while Justin rode his bike and the kids napped, then I hobbled (rode) as well while Justin made us dinner. After dinner, as per usual, was bath time. Owen at dinner ate 50% of Bennett's sweet potatoes so in the theme of regression, also wanted to use the baby bath. Shoot, whatever works (it was pretty cute).

And a few of the other fur baby boy. He's such a good dog. Owen torments him and he just takes it. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.27.2015

Owen spent the day at Miss Collette's. His homies, and leading the pack:

Later tonight he was a burrito after bath!

B got hauled around by us...including coming to my foot doctor appointment. 

Then he spent the afternoon napping while I worked. Tonight after his bath, he decided to charm me.... Probably making sure I really like him before I endure the next 8 hours...he's really too cute for his own good. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.26.2015

Thursday is swimming day, yippee! Owen is loving Miss Connie and swimming in general. 


Boys playing this afternoon. Too cute to not take a picture. And just like that Bennett is a fan of the bumbo...which will last for 2.5 seconds until he sits on his own (sidenote: I kind of think the bumbo is a dumb thing to get for babies. They use it about 3 times vas then are over it).

Before bath time kicking away...with the tongue. Apparently I do this too. Guess that's genetic?! Still sleeping the same (on me) and teeth are not through yet.... At least he's happy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.25.2015

Sweet loves...

And more sweetness from my spot on the bike today. Both boys just awake from naps. Wish I cod bottle the sweetness for when they decide to turn on the not so sweet!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.24.2015

B and Justin at the gym this morning (or perhaps I should say Justin and Justin's clone):

Later we a decided to get some fresh air by walking around our neighborhood. Amazing I can do this given my stupid foot has not allowed it for months! It was a little cold so B got to be marshmallow man.

Owen wanted to wear his orange coat. 

But changed his mind when he realized how cold it was.

My boys. Love.

Who can resist the crazy toddler bum?!

Or the rosy cheeks of a babe who just tried carrots for the first time? (Not a huge fan).

Also love my baby snuggles....just wish they didn't last all dang night. Come on teeth, come in already!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.23.2015

Baby b today jump jumping! Happy little guy, even with the teeth. Still right there but haven't cut through. 

Later he thought it sounded fun to sit on the couch and chew on a leash we got Luke. 

Luke was intently hey, little man, you going to take me for a walk or what?

Meanwhile Mr ornry was next to me in his new Thomas shirt (which he picked out himself...go figure). I was trying to get him to smile and show off his new shirt but nope. He was having none of it. Three-nager I tell you.... It's a thing. Like, really. Total 'tude, all day long.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.22.2015

Baby b tried some avocado today! He seemed to kind of like it but overall was a little indifferent. (Sidenote: no top teeth yet). 

Owen was pretty excited for brother to have food.

After a crazy adventure this morning in trying to surprise big brother Bailey, we finally made it home. B was all smiles.!

...and remained that way all night. 

Meanwhile O was dancing around like a crazy man (what's new?!) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.21.2015 v2

From Justin's phone....

Mama and B outside.

My big guy....when did this happen?!

And currently: (after screaming bloody hell for a half hour...I hate teething)

Daily Owen & Bennett: 2.21.2015


Another fun night in the books. Put B down at 8, then from 10:30 on saw every hour... 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4... Finally around 4, we got about 2 hours of sleep. I hate teething! 

I headed off for a little girl time and came home a couple hours later to this goofball:

While Owen napped, so did B. Poor little guy. Mama and poppy just ate chips and tried to make it through the day.

By around 7pm, we celebrated that we almost did like anyone celebrates- ice cream in the bathroom! (B was taking a bath so only slightly weird). 

B this evening nursing. So sleepy. Tell me about it kid!