Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.30.2015

This morning: sleeping like a little dude. 

Owen got to go to the dentist for the 2nd time ever! He did great and all looks good.

Justin took the boys home while I worked. Apparently he wore them out. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.29.2015

Naps today sucked! This is called 5pm nap in the car... Which meant grouchy kids and long night. Then the littlest refused to go to bed until right now, 10:30! 

We did get to play with poppy at work though! (After mom braved toys r us with two kids).

B is saying "ooooh!"

In case anyone is wondering: yes it's freaking HOT in Seattle. 7pm and 90 degrees. Eek. And no, no one up here has air conditioning.

We eat lots of watermelon...

And dive in to pools with clothes on, and strip to diapers to stay cool. (Funny on the diaper: Owen got to pick out a toy at toys r us for being so good about undies/peeing in the potty lately....(not above bribery here!....then after that he's running around in a diaper. Parent fail!

B (the monkey) climbing out. What a goof. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.28.2015

Interesting day. That is all.

This evening we sat outside again (obvi), but it wasn't near as hot today.

Here's B, who somehow got a flower stuck to his head.

Someone tooted!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.27.2015

Another hot day here! Mid 90s. Phew. Justin had a bike race, so the boys and I were on our own. B slept like crap so we cuddled until about 8am.

(A note on Justin's bike race:  he drove 1.5 hours each way, rode for 4 miles and then his seat shattered...was supposed to be a 50 mile race. Then on the way home, he got a ticket. Poor guy!) 

Once we got up and around, we headed to Costco! And then to target to buy squirt guns.

Came home and broke out the swim gear and water guns. So fun!

Later in the evening, we took a little walk...still 90 degrees!

Owen insisted on riding his bike all the way up the big hill "all by my own self." Ok!

We were hot after walking so came home and played with water guns more. So messy, but so fun!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.25.2015

Swimming day! Whoop!

After naps later this afternoon, I hopped on my bike and this was my view:


This evening Justin and I had orientation for Owens pre-school (boo hoo!), so the kids got to play at Miss Collette's. No complaints there!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.24.2015

It's summer in Seattle! Which means dinners outside...

And biking in just underwear.

And showing off owies after biking in just underwear.

And, reading books....jack and the beanstalk. Or as Owen says FEE FI FO.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.23.2015

Love love love. Such a cliche picture of parenting a baby. 

This afternoon we took a family trip to the dog park!

Then had dinner out. So nice sometimes to not cook! Owen is seriously his dad's kid....he can put food away. It's quite amazing.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.22.2015

Little man decided to fall back asleep on me this morning.  Never gets old. 

While mom and dad worked, the boys got to play with Aaron!

Later B was up to no good (per usual)...

...a learned lesson from big brother. 

And just a couple pictures that Justin took of the cousins over the weekend. So cute.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Month 8: Dear Bennett,

Well, little guy, you are just on the verge of turning 10 months old and I'm just catching up to your 8 month blog post. Whoops. Right after you turned 8 months in April started with your brother puking his guts out and a nice little stomach bug that you both shared for about two weeks. Owen threw up for 24 hours, then he had off/on diarrhea for a week and JUST as he was getting over it, you got it! Whoo. And since then we've been in the mad race of life. No excuses, but it's been a little bit crazy. So backing up- 8 months:

Owen at 8 months on the left, you on the right.

Month 1-3 on the left, 1-6 on the right...

...And 7 months on left, 8 on right.

What did we do this month? Well, since you aren't quite TOTALLY mobile (yet), we spent a lot of time at the gym again!  Enjoying this while we can! You are army crawling like mad, so it's only a matter of time before our lives as we know it are changed forever.

You did, however, start the army crawl, you just aren't really consistent about it. Here you are after having army crawled over to Luke. Poor dog takes such abuse from you and your brother. 

Now that you can get around, you've found all sorts of new things, and we find you "playing" with these new finds. Like the carpet (gross). 

And your barf (even more gross).

And brother's toys... which usually ends up in a scream "NO B, NO, MINE!" (yeah, that's been fun). 

You try SO hard to get where you want to go and your tongue seems to help you to do the trick. It does not get old (SO ADORABLE). 

We also played with your friend Tiernan this month. He's a month younger than you and it's fun to watch the two of you together. Of course here he looks just a little scared of you. 

We also played with your friends from mom's work this month.

You all were born a month within each other- Nolan (10 months), Kate (9 months), you (8 months) and Peyton (7 months). Too cute to watch you guys grow up together. 

You also developed a love for the jumper! Which is good because I know from Owen how short this phase is and then you veto it (which sucks). 

You also continued on with swim lessons! You seem to still like them a lot. 

And sometimes you helped poppy to work out, too. 

We also spent a lot of time riding around the yard in your trike. The weather was starting to get nice, so why not? You weren't too helpful at pulling weeds, however.

This month was also your first easter. You really couldn't have cared less. 

We started to eat more this month and you were SO not impressed. You were like, "what the heck IS this stuff, mom?!" Pretty much decided you don't like food. Like, AT ALL. 

This is pretty much the face you make at everything. GROSS, MOM.  And bottles, still a no go. 

Owen, however, thinks it's fabulous that you are starting to eat. Maybe he's part of the problem as he shoves everything in your face. 

I think we'll get there but so far, you just aren't a fan of food. Whose kid ARE YOU? You have to get with the program to be an official Valente, little dude. 

Sleep. Ah, sleep. Slightly better. I think we are making improvements. You at least are not waking up every 2 hours anymore. Still not ideal, but maybe we are making headway.

Of course, you still love to be held and touched. Can't really fault you for that one, although I am glad you aren't insisting on sleeping ON me every night anymore. 

You still LOVE, LOVE your brother, even though he torments you mercilessly. Especially now that you are more mobile. 

I feel a little sorry for you but I know that someday you are going to hold your own (and maybe then some) against Owen. You are going to be one tough cookie, that's for sure. 

You are lucky that you are surrounded by good men who will teach you how to be a great man. I hope to do my part as well, but having good male role models is so important. And then of course there's the whole wrestling aspect. 

You love your poppy so much, and have developed quite a bond with him. He makes you laugh just like he makes your older brother laugh. 

The one difference between you and your brother is that you are hands down a mama's boy. Owen and your poppy always had a special bond, but you cling to me unlike Owen ever did. I can't really say I mind a whole lot. I know someday this phase may pass, too, so I'm going to enjoy feeling so very special while it lasts. 

B- licious, you truly are such a joy to have around. You make us laugh and you make our family dynamic even that much more dynamic. I get to see your dad as a father to not just one but TWO of you.  I get to see him handle you in a different way than he did with Owen, because you two have two very distinct personalities. I get to see Owen as a big brother which has also been very special. And at times very alarming in that I have been about 1.5 seconds away from a minor heart attack. But mostly, I've gotten to experience motherhood for a 2nd time around and I have to tell you: it was so special the first time. But being able to experience it twice? And even more than that, having you as the little guy that gave me this chance? I am beyond lucky.