Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.31.2016

Bennett is showing signs he is ready to potty train. Who knows if it's for real or not, but we thought "what the hell!?" and brought in the training pot. Well of course Owen was ALL over it trying to help B pee in the potty.... This was the scene all day today...until Owen undid a diaper that had poop in it! Yep, I died laughing! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.30.2016

Totally forgot to take a picture today as we were having too much fun playing....and then there were the moments that were stressful with two toddlers! But, here's a picture of our big guy a few days ago!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.29.2016

So cute when he sleeps...I hate to wake him up! And then I remember....he doesn't feel so bad for the 500+ nights I NEVER slept...all because of him...and then I don't feel as bad.

This crazy kid...yelling hat while he put the colander on his head... The shirt is very appropriate. Crazy monkey!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.28.2016

Two little monkeys.... Trying to climb in to the crib?!

Daily Owen &. Bennett: 1.27.2016

Tonight: diaper clean up! (Why is it so fun to throw diapers everywhere?!) 

And a wrestling match that ended in a bloody nose! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.24.2016

Crazy monkeys on a relaxing Sunday around here...

...yup....this looks is not relaxed anymore!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.26.2016

This is what I came home go tonight: goofy baby eating a snack and watching Daniel tiger. The other one was not keen to have his picture taken....he ran 400 miles in the other direction!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.25.2016

Today was our most favorite person's 42nd birthday! We kind of celebrated over the weekend, but of course did more today. 

Owen and I made poppy a cake...which was complimented by bourbon from a client. We also made lasagna for dinner which was quite good...request from Justin. 

We got poppy a few little gifts (couple books and small things), but nothing major as we are planning a little trip to Kentucky this spring/summer which was the big surprise. But, there were still a few small things...which the kids wanted to open...and fought over who got to open what. Sigh.

After Owen took something from B and then B whacked Owen. Sigh again.

Luckily the present drama was solved by dinner and then cake!

Happy birthday to my love! I can't imagine living through this crazy life with anyone else.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.23.2016

Day 2 of fun with friends/date for mom and poppy! The boys got to go shopping and watch Leslie run....

And we went coffee tasting! Everyone wins!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.22.2016

Owen and Beebs had a sleepover with their other family while mom and pops got an entire night out. There are no words except....amazing!

We went out to celebrate poppy's birthday and it was so fun! Told him in a few months we are going to Kentucky!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.21.2016

Poor toddler sucks when you don't get what you want!

Meanwhile, since once is screaming, the other is happy as a clam. And then it inevitably switches. Always!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.20.2016

There is trouble!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.19.2016

Big baby showing off his tattoo (check his arm out).

Later, he decided to play the guitar. Ha!

Owen was a bit of a crab. He's got the runs big time (still recovering from the virus).... Any day now it can stop, please!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.18.2016

The sketchy game of big brother pushes little brother....

...And then big brother got smart and hopped on and made little brother push them both (and B actually did, surprisingly enough!)

Glad things seem relatively normal tonight.... Last night Owen puked all over.  Then this morning, I loaded B in the car and went to get Owen and realized he had poop (diarrhea) from head to toe. Literally. I wake him up, wipe him off, put undies on and 2.5 seconds later, the "toots," which is not a toot and instead is a poop waterfall. So I throw him in the shower, try to clean the carpet, shut all doors everywhere, apologize to justin for the mess he will come home to, and run to the car...where B was still waiting. What a disaster! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.17.2016

Oh the toddler did I forget how fun it is?! Crying because we won't let him stand up in his booster because, you know, that might be dangerous or something.

Tricked my big guy with a picture. He was a special toddler tonight, too. Oh the fun we have...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.16.2016

Our tummies are still definitely recovering but we feel a million times better...about 99%. Yay! Cuddles all around.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.15.2016

We are watching a friends dog this weekend, Lucy, and the kids have really taken to her. Too cute.

As an added bonus, they even like the dog crate...thinking we should get one.

Unrelated: when did I shrink or did Owen get so huge?!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 1.14.2016

Race trucks! Watch your toes...