Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dr Mr. Weatherman,

I have a serious problem with you. When I flew back from Arizona on Monday morning, I almost cried at the thought of leaving the warmth, the sun, the ninety degree days. But you gave me hope and let me sleep easy that cold, rainy first night back in Seattle from the Arizona sun. You comforted me by telling me that for FOUR days this week it would be sunny and over 75, starting with today. I cherished you for this and vowed that if it really happened, I'd love and trust you (and all weathermen/women) forever.

Well unfortunately, Mr. Weatherman, with all due respect, YOU LIE.

Our relationship as we knew it was once over. You can no longer be trusted as it is currently 50 degrees out, cloudy and looks equivalent to a November day in Kansas City NOT the sunny November Phoenix day that you PROMISED. And seriously, why does anything have to be equivalent to November when it is MAY?!?!

I am sorry that it has to end this way but it just does. You either need to start telling the truth or just start telling me that every day here is going to suck so that I never get my hopes up and then when it actually is sunny, I don't have to be mad at you.

Freezing Arizona turned Seattle girl

UPDATE: Mr. Weatherman, you are forgiven. The day started off rocky but it turned into a perfect, sunny 75. Now let's hope tomorrow we really do hit 90. But seriously, is it necessary to have "excessive heat watches" and tell everyone to drink plenty of water? 90 in Phoenix is cool. Let's not overreact here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turning another year older.

On April 29, I officially hit the other side of the 20s. I guess it's not really that old but I'm starting to feel old. I mean, I graduated high school 8 years ago. How fast does that go by? Quite a few of my friends are mostly married, many have started having kids. I have a handful of friends who have gotten divorced, some who have had abortions, and some who have decided that being single/alone/childless/against the "norm" (if there is such a thing) is best for them. Actually, now that I think about it, these people are the strongest people I know. It's kind of a time in my life where I feel like I really have to think about where I'm at and make sure that what I am doing is in my best interest. Do I really love my career? Am I really happy? Am I doing everything I can to make the world, or at least a part of the world, a better place?

I'm not really sure that I have all of the answers, or that I really ever will. I guess as birthdays and years come and go, sometimes you just ponder the questions. I'm doing the best I can and while there are some areas of my life that might need some slight renovations, I think, generally, I'm doing well for where I'm at.

My birthday weekend was a lot of fun. I took off a couple of days so that Tim and I could have a four day weekend together. We went on hikes, went to the ocean and rode horses on the beach!, made awesome dinners, and ate a lot of cake. Couldn't have asked for a better time. I worked on my actual birthday but got to do happy hour with friends and dinner/cake/presents with Tim that night. He got me so much stuff. I'm not going to brag about how awesome it is on here but I will say one thing... watch out for me in the kitchen. I seriously have the best set of knives ever now. Shun knives? Anyone ever heard of them? They are amazing. Now I just need to take a cooking class.

I'll post pictures from the birthday weekend soon (once they are uploaded). I've been pretty busy with work and now I'm starting to study again for another test (hopefully the last) at the end of this month. Last weekend, I had a long weekend in Phoenix which was a belated birthday present for myself and it was much needed... both for friends and sun time. I miss it there.

Birthdays are always a good time to reflect, a good excuse to take trips to catch up with friends and to be selfish for a brief second of time... just a little bit. Even if it's eating half of a rather large cake by yourself. And not feeling guilty about it in the slightest.