Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Owen: 2.28.2013

Today is the last day of February which means tomorrow is the first day of March which means march madness. Rock chalk baby! Owen is showing the hometown pride too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daily Owen: 2.24.2013

Playing in the car waiting for Pops to come out of the grocery store. Owen wanted to drive but I told him his legs are still too short.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Daily Owen: 2.22.2013

We managed to squeeze in a family walk today in a sun break between rain and wind storms. It was chilly but nice to get out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daily Owen: 2.20.2013

Owen this morning playing with Sophie, the genius giraffe someone invented that babies LOVE. He's almost outgrown his monkey chair. Second picture was from when he was just hours old....he was so tiny! Now he's almost a little man. Sniff sniff.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daily Owen: 2.19.2013

Six whole months old. A half year. A HALF YEAR. Blows my mind. Love this boy more than words.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Month 5: Dear Owen,

Well, you're 5 months old little man. And your mom is once again in that season she hates... busy season. Therefore, tomorrow you will be 6 whole months old but for now, let's talk about how you did turn 5 months old. 5 whole months. In some ways it seems like you've been with us forever and you've never NOT been in our lives and in other ways, the time you've been with us seems like the blink of an eye. Monthly photo shots with Mr. Moose:

MONTH 5! Still loving those feet. 

...and this month, you started to really "talk" (Exhibit A, picture above).

And of course, you are still such a cutie pie....

...and a little ham (although here I think maybe you are thinking "my mom is NUTS"). 

Your 5th month of life on earth started with another plane ride back to Kansas City for Christmas. You did great, especially considering that as you've gotten older you've gotten more vocal and mobile. Traveling with older babies is WAY harder than with tiny infants. Still, we really can't complain at all.

You were also baby Jesus in the Christmas eve service at my parents church. Your poppy and I were Mary and Joseph. It was a very odd service as the three of us had to be up on stage FOR AN HOUR, a BLOODY HOUR, where you decided it was nap time (aka: get grumpy time) right when the service started, mama bounced you for 5 minutes to get you to sleep (and thank GOODNESS you did), then for another 40 minutes she held you up there (HEAVY) with sweat DRIPPING down all of us (it was SO hot and miserable up there). But, we lived to tell about it and the fact that you only screamed for 5 minutes out of that whole hour was just outstanding. I think you earned the title of sweet baby Jesus that night.

Later that night (your first Christmas Eve), we watched the train go around and around the tree. It was your grandpa's old train when he was a kid and something your uncle and I loved to watch as kids. You were also quite enthralled and followed it and followed it. 

You even tolerated tummy time for it (something you still hate!) 

Santa came for you on Christmas Eve! I guess Santa even likes little 4 month old babies. You don't have to be good for a WHOLE year, just part of it. What a lucky boy you are.  We had so much fun on your first Christmas, even though you napped for a good chunk of the opening presents part. You were spoiled rotten. 

A couple days after Christmas was your grandpa's 69th birthday. He taught you how to play the piano when you were there and he played and played and played with you. You love your grandparents. 

After what seemed like an incredibly short 9 days, we took a plane ride back to Seattle. It was your worst plane ride yet, with about 10-15 minutes of fussiness because you fought your late evening nap (still, really, we can't complain). 

And because you were such a spoiled little boy, we brought back our small house to Seattle as well. We literally had to buy 3 extra suitcases to come home. 

The day after arriving back in Seattle, your poppy and I unpacked, then packed right back up to head to our new years trip with our good friends. An annual tradition that you are now a part of and you have two little friends to play with too! (Above, with Olivia).

This year we went to Leavenworth and on the second day there, I got to try out a Christmas present your pops got me- new snow shoes! While we were all getting ready, your dad held you and Olivia and we decided at that point (or he did), that twins would be, well, rough.

I think you liked snow shoeing... if nothing else, you got a good nap in!

On New Year's Eve, you rang in the new year in style with your BFF's Liv and Griff. What party animals!

In all reality, you WERE a party animal. You wouldn't go to sleep at all (all this traveling had just screwed with your schedule!) so you stayed up until practically midnight (11:30), just playing- pleasant as could be. All of a sudden we looked over and found you like this in the middle of the floor. I'd say it was a noble effort at bringing in 2013. 

On the first day of 2013, your mom tried something else new- skate skiing! You got to go along for the ride as well. It was pretty fun for me, although I don't know that you cared either way- you were just happy to be out and about. Your mom is absolutely awful at it so you won't have much work to do to pass me up, especially if you have your dads athletic abilities! 

Shortly after New Year's we celebrated Christmas with your dad's family. You got in the spirit and once again were spoiled rotten. 

Apparently it's tough to be spoiled rotten... worn out babies. 

And now: the obligatory sleeping pictures. We've past the point of begging for sleep. We are just going to silently hold our breath and say ever so softly... It's sort of getting better. Ssssh.... don't jinx it!

You also played a lot with your pops this month. He is definitely one of your most favorite people in the world and is the one person in this whole world that can, without fail, make you squeal and scream and laugh...and smile, even when you are at your most grumpy. I have a feeling this is never going to change.  

One of the best things that happened in your life so far occurred this month, and coincidentally on Christmas day. You laughed. INTENTIONALLY. Your great aunt made a noise and you just giggled and giggled. It was the best. thing. EVER. Sorry to your dad and everyone else you one-upped everyone on the present front this year. It was the best present I got, hands down. Thank you for that. 

You now really love and understand how to play with your toys and you just play and play, and there's a twinkle in your eye when you're doing so. I love how you just genuinely smile at us with your whole face. It's the best look and best feeling in the whole world. 

Other times, like above, you have a smirk on your face like you're up to no good. Usually there's a squeal to follow as if you say "HEY! I got this figured out guys!"

And other times, you are so SERIOUS, there's nothing we can do to break the mode you're in. It's as if you're just trying to figure out this whole world and we cannot interrupt you from doing so....even by taking off your clothes and throwing them on your head. 

I love all of these different moods of yours and I love that we are really starting to know each other and figure each other out. You have a little personality. You are observant, serious, but also you love just to have FUN. I like to think that maybe you'll be just the perfect mix of your dad and I.

You are still a HUGE fan of baths, although you've really started to kick. And since you are bigger your boisterous kicks soak EVERYTHING. I think you've just about graduated out of baths in the kitchen sink. 

You also still LOVE traveling anywhere, but especially to the gym. I think it might be one of your favorite places to be but we are starting to realize that when you're in there, you don't nap- it's too exciting. So we have to plan our times there around your naps so we don't run into Mr. Grumpy Pants.  

Our Friday night plans these days consist of giving you toys and playing with you. It's pretty awesome.  No, really, your sweat pants loving homebody mom would not have it any other way. 

The next best thing to our Friday night dates is waking up to this face. 

And possibly (probably) even better than that, is when you still cuddle up on my shoulder, hug me, and fall asleep as if that's the only place you'd ever want to be- safe and warm in your mama's arms. 

And without a doubt, the VERY best thing ever is how you just fit with us. You've made us a whole family. You've redefined love in a way that only you can do, in a way that, like I've said before, I did not know was possible. I love you unlike no other and will always love you in a different way than I can love anyone else. You are my o-chi-mo-chi-mo...and you always will be.