Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.30.2015

Swimming day! Owen's favorite day.

B did not swim today as the tail end of the tummy bug is just winding down and he has had the squirts for a few days. It's been messy and we didn't want to chance it in a pool. 

He sure is a cutie though!

Trying to get an Oe picture these days is dang near impossible. He's going 100mph and has decided "no pictures, mama!" 

Nighttime bath...Owen making B laugh by blowing tummy bubbles. Aka: cuteness overload. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.29.2015

Happy birthday to me! To celebrate, B made sure I saw almost every hour of it...11:45pm so that I rang it in, 2am, 3am, 4:30am, and 6am. Oh yeah, and we changed outfits/diapers at about every one of those times. By the end, we ran out of jammies. Good times! Yippee! 

At least he is cute.... 

When Owen woke up at 7, the boys brought me some presents. Sparkling water, wine, a shower sprayer (super cool...I'm old, what can I say?) and a mothers ring I've been coveting. It's my birthstone (diamonds) surrounding Justin's birthstone and the boys' birthstone. Really special. 

The boys have also been giving me a present a day for a week or so which has been fun. Mostly workout clothes but also a nifty scale that synchs with my phone. Justin knows me.

We decided to go to breakfast at one of my favorite spots in Seattle- portage bay cafe. It was a bit of a cluster because B was a total GROUCH, but still yummy. Owen loved it and ate and ate and ate.

B waiting in the car with me for poppy/Owen. It really is good he is cute.

After breakfast, we ran home and dropped the kids off at Collette's, then headed back to Bellevue. Justin had to work for an hour and I took advantage of the nice weather and no kids to go for a birthday run. It was awesome! We then ran home, changed clothes, stopped by to feed B, then headed to woodinville to wine taste and go to dinner. It was a few hours of bliss! 

We picked the kids up from Collette at the baseball fields where her son was playing. Owen was loving it!

When we got home, after some birthday dessert, B showed off his mad crawling skills. 

All in all, it was such a nice day with my favorite boys. Received many calls/texts/wishes today from friends and family, as well. Feeling especially blessed for this life as my head hits the pillow tonight. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.28.2015

Gym with poppy this morning...followed by errands with poppy.

Later this afternoon: crawling and getting stuck...

And Oe being a goofball! (Not pictured: both kids screaming and being total whiners. Ugh!!) 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.27.2015

80 degree day here in Seattle! Awesome. Sadly I worked inside for most of it, but still...80! 

This evening, Owen also had some very important work to do.

He then showed B how to play with the spin toy (what are these things actually called?!) 

B was more intrigued with a ball that makes noise when you shake it. I'm pretty sure they can't get much cuter. And between both of them, they have a whole outfit!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.26.2015

B is much better today. Apparently he just had the quick hit version of whatever O had. Only threw up a couple of hours, then got a low grade fever last night which was gone by this morning. But, as oe had... B now has the runs. Evidence:

Hey, at least he is happy! And his lasted a day where Owen was about 5!

Proud dog mom moment today. We took Lukey and the kids to the dog park for the first time and Luke did awesome!

The boys liked it too!

B is like, "so many dogs, mom!"

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.25.2015

We sure know how to do weekends right around here. 

While I was off throwing a baby shower for a friend, I got word from Justin that Bennett was puking his guts out. Awesome! I got home about 1:45 and he had not thrown up in a while at that point, so I nursed him briefly to see if he could keep anything down. Other than being pissed about the short nursing session, he seemed ok. It's now 8:30, and no more puke, so hopefully it was just a weird thing this morning. 

This afternoon B and I took the poor dig on a long walk. Kill two birds- actually 3!- B naps, dog walks, mom gets to move. 

The little guy sitting like a big kid.

He is one tired boy tonight. (So is B). Ha. (Oh did I mention justin and I were up with crabby pants since 4:30? And before that were up at 11,1, and 3? Like I said, we do weekends right!) 

Owen has the most spunk of any of us today. 

Um, but since when did he grow to be already HALF (if not more) of my height?! 

Love my little Oeo. (Excuse no makeup/tired look). 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.24.2015

This is called "Owen being a temperamental toddler." Welcome to the toddler face in our house!

So now we say "don't smile!" And we get a huge grin.

B napped weird today. Including on me at 5pm. Not complaining.

Later he had the one sock look really going for him. (Ie: diaper escapee!)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 4.23.2015

Swimming this morning! Both boys loved it as usual. Thank goodness because Oe was a CRAB POT this morning (except for while at swimming). He slept on the way to swimming then took an almost FIVE hour nap after (unheard of). Clearly he's still recovering.

This evening...the double trouble duo. B is a crawling fiend now. Nothing is safe! (And of course Owen just lets him wreak havoc)...literally this happened like like 5 seconds before I could get there. He's quick, folks! Then the mess was made, so might as well document it! Owen's faces were way too hilarious to try not to capture. And the fun really begins....