Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.31.2015

Owen went to get a hair cut with poppy this morning and came back looking like a total stud. Believe it or not, this is his "cheese" face. 

That's a little better (notice the shiner in the middle of his forehead).

He then wanted to train with poppy. Hey, start em young! (A few minutes later he ran full on into the pole behind Justin- he was looking at a cute 2 year old toddler girl who was also there. It was pretty hilarious).

This evening at one point- I had one who managed to climb on the counter:

And one determined to crawl. Oh boy!

I then stuck B in his highchair and gave him a banana to try. He hated it. So far he hates all foods. I'm going to be breast feeding until I am 80. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.30.2015

Say hello to this guy! And also his 2am look. :GROAN: It wouldn't be so bad if it was just 2am but it was also 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am.... He seriously is lucky he's cute.

Later today we took advantage of the nice weather and played outside!

Owen is doing so good on his new balance bike. (Justin does ok too). 

Poppy had to go back to work for a while, so we decided to join him and go to the park. Mr. Cool Dude on the way there. Also: hilarious!

Swinging at the park on the big boy swing.

B just hanging. In retrospect I might have been just a little crazy to take both kids with me- one strapped on me and toddler on his bike. But, we made it!

Once we got back to the studio, Owen tried to pick up a 30 pound ball. It didn't move...Owen flew in to a shelf. Whoops. He has a nice shiner! And our night was sort of downhill since, but we hopefully will have two kids asleep soon...for a little while. If B gave us even a few hours, I'd be so happy. He napped like crap today, too, though...so not holding my breath. Come on tooth #6...get through!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.29.2015

We woke up this morning and decided it was a good idea to all go on a hike. 


I retract that.

You cannot really wake up if your seven month old keeps you awake on the hour all night. But! A hike still seemed like a good idea. Until 10 minutes in when I thought I could pass out on the trail and sleep there for 3 years. And then 10 minutes later, I kept moving and felt mildly human again. 

The boys:

The monster and his crazy tired mom (don't be fooled by those cute cheeks!)

Owen hiked probably 2.5 miles by himself. It was dang impressive!

B rode on me....

And slept most of the way. Imagine that- he was tired too. Who would have thought?!

Owen insisted on holding grandpa joe's (or as Owen said JOE'S) hand on the hills. It was beyond adorable. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.28.2015

Happy Saturday! Luke's jaw collided with Owen's head first thing this morning (Owen's fault). It was really not a bad bonk but to make him chill out we got the magic wrap- the wrap Justin had used on his leg. It was nothing short of hilarious. 

Later that evening: Owen helping to feed B.

And then making whipped cream. 

Big cheese!!

And he does jazz hands with cheese (where did he learn this?!)

Meanwhile, the other boys were watching basketball. B is impervious to the tension of the game, he's the only one smiling. Ha!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.27.2015

Little B and I took a short 5 mile hike today with Luke. I wasn't brave enough to take Owen too. BUT! The key thing here is I hiked. And my foot tolerated it. Two days ago I RAN. Things that I love that I thought I might never do again. It's still not 100% and I'm not going to be doing anything crazy anytime soon but it's mildly functioning. YES!!

Later this evening Owen decided to hit B in the head because he was mad at him (we told O he couldn't dump water on B's head which was clearly Bennett's fault. Sigh). Anyhoo. This is the look of him saying "done" and not wanting to apologize to brother (too bad he didn't have a choice!)

The brothers made up and had a little fun jumping before bed. Eh, it's Friday night. Whatevs. Let loose a little. Or maybe mama and poppy are probably just too tired to fight it.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.26.2015

After a doctors appointment this morning for both boys (shots), we headed to see the ducks at the Kirkland waterfront. 

Owen met his girlfriend there. Her name is Sophia and she was there last time. She and Owen flirt...like toddlers do. Meaning run around each other. Ahh young love.

B just chilled. 

After poppy met up with us, we headed up the hill to swimming. Owen got to try out a kick board today. It was pretty funny- he didn't quite get it.

Bennett still loved it! 

We pulled out the high chair for B. He's still a little small in it, but looks pretty dang cute.

While B was hanging in his high chair, Owen was making and eating his dinner. Um.

He ended up eating 4 eggs with turkey plus tomatoes, cereal and about a cup of strawberries/raspberries. Must be growing!! It was truly incredible. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.25.2015

Wednesday mornings are mornings when poppy doesn't go in to work super early. So I get up and leave the sleeping turtles. 

Neither of the boys usually let us "sleep in." Today Owen was the one up!

Later this afternoon...the 65 pound fur baby who thinks he's a lap dog. 


Oe being cute. (Once again, lucky for him because the toddler mood swings are no joke!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.24.2015

This morning Miss Collette sent me then a picture of Simon and Owen drawing. Too cute. Owen was really proud of his picture when he got home.

And look who's sitting up! (Related: wth?! Also: when did this happen?!) I just plopped him down and all of a sudden he now sits by himself. Just like that. STOP growing so fast!

Owen wanted to show me he can sit up too. Big boys. Good thing Owen was being cute here because 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after, he was a total brat! Some days toddlers are hilarious and so fun....other days, no. Just no.

B and I took a walk with Luke. I put a beanie on Bennett. Turns out it was too big...but he really liked napping like that!

Two cuties!