Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.31.2014

We decided to head east of the mountains today with the kids. It was raining here and Justin's buddy's always have an annual get together over Labor Day weekend, so we figured why not?! 

After packing enough stuff to last us for a 5 day trip, we were on our way at about 10am. Owen was so excited the whole way over to see all the trucks and buses... And big brother Bai! He made it all the way to Leavenworth (2 hours) without a sleeping and was happy as a clam. The other babe did not make a peep! 

We got to Leavenworth and visited our friend Damian in his awesome chocolate shop and Owen got a bunch of chocolate from him. Pretty much amazing for the kid. After that we headed to see Bailey, Owen's hero. We took Bai home and Owen fell asleep...he was so sad when he woke up and Bai wasn't there anymore (heartbreaking!) 

We then made our way up to jesse's house where we hung with friends for a few hours until we were nearing massive meltdown from Owen due to a dismal nap (45 min) earlier. We left around 6pm for the 2.5 hour drive home. It went about as expected. Owen screamed for part of it, but really only about 15 minutes total (we have mastered the art of "keep toddler's mind distracted.") We stopped at one point to feed Bennett and Owen got to play football with poppy, which was a nice distraction. At one point before this, both kids were screaming which was really fun! By the time we got home, Owen was just beyond tired and poor kid just melted down. Then we fed him sugar and kept him up just for the hell of it....I KID. He went straight to bed. Of course. 

All in all it was a really good day. Owen had a blast seeing everyone, as did we. I'm sure I could say the same about baby B but really he was pretty indifferent and slept through most of it. Both kids really traveled amazingly well, all things considered, so we are glad we made the trip. With that, we are crashing into bed! 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.30.2014

Morning cuddles with both boys...followed by Owen getting "chips" out of the freezer. To his luck, he dropped the bag and Owen hit the chip jackpot!

After naptime, O was a cranky mess but we eventually got him happy and he was awesome the rest of the evening, including when we had guests over. Owen "cooked" for them. Menu tonight: lettuce and cheese. Bennett observed silently through it all.... 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.29.2014

Bennett and I took a trip to the gym today while Owen played at Miss Collette's for a couple of hours. It was my first return to the gym post baby. It was definitely hard to get started but once I did, it felt good! Bennett of course supervised the whole time. Side by side picture of Owen and Bennett in the gym-about the same age. 

After we picked up O, we headed in to Seattle to pick up Oliver. Owen was beyond excited. There were buses vas trains and planes everywhere! Bennett naturally was not as excited and slept through the whole trek, only waking up just slightly to eat.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daily Bennett: 8.28.2014

Bennett had a pretty low key day today (shocking). Basked in the sun while brother played, woke up to watch O play some more, napped with mama, ran errands with mama and poppy, supervised Owens bath, and discovered an affinity for the binkie. Oh yeah, and he also pooped a lot and sucked a lot of boobies. 

Daily Owen: 8.28.2014

I've decided to split these daily posts between kids...some days maybe I won't, some days I will. Today I am. 

Owen had a good day. Got up, are some cereal for breakfast where he learned to slurp/drink the milk (where?!) Then we played outside and around the house until poppy came home. Later he got to play at Miss Collette's for a couple hours while we ran in to town because I had to get my hair pretty again. We come home, made dinner and did more of the same playing around the house. We ended the night with bathtime which Owen insisted Bennett help with. 

Funny Owen story of the day: we were outside and O picked some basil. Popped it in his mouth. I said "is that good?" He grins and says "YUP!" Then he runs inside and back out. I said "did you spit the basil out in the trash?" He smiles and says "yep! Ewww!" 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.27.2014

Play date today...3 moms, 3 toddlers, 3 babies! It was a little crazy but the kids and moms had fun. After that, poppy came home and showed mom how to appropriately change a diaper: with a mask! Really a pretty brilliant idea (versus my method of holding my breath). 

Justin worked in the evening so I ventured out by myself on my first solo short walk with both kiddos. That is no joke! They felt like a million pounds and my triceps were burning. Didn't go too far or hard but it felt good to move a little bit. I will be in great shape once I can go on longer walks with those boys!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily Owen & Bennett: 8.26.2014

Today we started the day out by taking advantage of some sun! Our days are limited as fall is definitely right around the corner. Poppy came home from work which meant play time with Owen and cuddles with Bennett (check out his spiky hair!) 

We then had doctor appointments for both boys- Owen's two year and Bennett's one week. Both kiddos looked great. Owen was 30 pounds and 38 inches tall (75% and off the charts for height) and Bennett has already surpassed his birth weight and was 8 pounds 14 ounces. Both were perfectly healthy and neither flinched much at getting a shot (B's was a heel poke). 

After we got home, the boys played some more while I made dinner. After dinner, Owen entertained us all with his dance skills. Look at that baby bum!