Thursday, June 30, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.22.2016

Day 2 of our trip! The boys and grandpa and grandma having been running around like crazy, which makes for worn out kiddos at the end of the day (always a good thing).

Since it was so hot, the boys got to go to the water park! Pretty sure they have never been to one and they loved it!

Meanwhile in Kentucky: we toured some distilleries (fascinating...and I got to bottle my own bottle of knob creek), more golf, wine tasting, and dinner (at the same place we went to the night before...hey, it was good, and open late...apparently we are old and don't branch out if we find something we like).

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.21.2016

Today mom and dad left for our 4 day trip to Kentucky! The boys got to stay with grandma and grandpa. We knew the boys would have a blast but were a little concerned at how grandma and grandpa would fare.

The first day for all of us went great. Some excerpts from our trip, day 1:

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.19.2016

Owen's first royals game with uncle Jon and auntie Margot! It was really hot (really!), really sunny, and we only made it to the 5th inning with O, but it was fun!

We tuckered him out...ha!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.18.2016

Oh you know, just another day at grandmas. Mowing, baseball, golf, swimming, walks, parks...we have two very happy little guys. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.20.2016

Another hot and humid day meant more games inside and then lots of pool time (complete with buckets on heads!)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 6.17.2016

Kansas City, here we come!!

This flight by far was our easiest to date. Both kids slept, and it felt even a bit relaxing. Whoo hoo!

Right after arriving, Justin and I headed downtown to my friends' baby Luna's celebration of life. She was 6 months old when she passed a couple on months ago, due to some freak virus (actually the same one Bennett had that landed him in the hospital...but he was lucky). Not the reason you particularly want to see old friends, but it was nice to see them anyway despite the occasion.