Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emily and Ryan's Wedding. A crazy day typical of probably any wedding day.

Tim's sisters wedding, September 20, 2008.

1) Supposed to be an outdoor wedding. It's Seattle. You'd never guess, it POURED.
2) Bride was obviously upset and crying because it wasn't the wedding she expected.
3) Three flower girls. At 2pm on the day of the wedding, two come down with the flu. Over the course of the next 6 hours, they puke 6 times.
4) The three year old flower girl made it, albeit with a fever, but made it.
5) One of the other sister's was in the wedding party. She changed her name a few days prior. Hard to remember in the chaos that her name was not what it used to be.
6) Same sister that was in the wedding party that changed her name decided an hour before the wedding that she did not feel comfortable being in the wedding. FREAK OUT.
7) Try to find a stand in. I was an option.
8) Beautiful ceremony, no glitches except the fact that the bride forgot to carry her bouquet and the groomsmen boutonnieres were about an hour away in a different city.
9) Lots of interesting people at the wedding... lots of diversity. From kids to grandparents to clean cut to piercing/tattoos like I have never seen before even to someone who was rumored to be a meth addict. The diversity was actually lot of fun... it made it interesting!
10) Tim and I somehow ended up as designated babysitters, which was awesome for us! I loved it!! I was watching the 3 year old flower girl Savannah (our niece) and Tim was watching our cousin Talia (I think she is 8 or 9)? We were all dancing together and during the toasts, I was teaching Savannah how to cheers with juice. It was a lot of fun.
11) Tim and I did not get home until very late that night due to the fact that we were helping clean the place up since we had a strict deadline to be out at a certain time. At one point, I saw someone dancing with a broom and I started dancing with a pile of trash in my hands with Tim who also was cleaning tables and had a pile in his. Crack up.
12) A great day and at the end of the day, of any wedding, the couple is married. That's all that matters. [And, as a side note, that is also why I do not personally ever want to be a part of the married chaos again for my own wedding...]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stupid neck

Even though I wanted to adorn the chiropractor as king of the world after Tim's back ordeal, I have come to decide that I do not like chiropractors. Or maybe they just aren't right for me.

I went to the chiro about two weeks ago. When I was taking Tim in for his back, the chiro wanted to see me. He said that he could help the headaches that I seem to get rather frequently (I've always had headaches). So finally I went. He took some x-rays and found that instead of having a normal curved neck, mine was straight and instead of a straight spine, mine was curved.

Start adjustments, cool.

That weekend I felt ok.

On Monday of last week, I went back in for another adjustment.

Tuesday, I literally could not function. I was at work for 20 minutes. I could not do anything without feeling unbelievable dizzy, like I would pass out at any second unless I laid down flat on my back. That coupled with feeling like I would puke was unlike anything I have ever felt before.

I went to the chiro Tuesday to see if he could help more, and it did. Back Wednesday and felt ok. Thursday, didn't go but at Tim's sister's wedding rehearsal, we had to leave early because I almost passed out and puked again. Unbelievable. I was literally jealous of people who could walk around normally. THAT is not normal at all and should not be a problem for a healthy 26 year old!

Friday went again and did ok for the whole weekend. I have not been back since Friday and am not feeling dizzy at gets better every day. I am feeling more normal than I have in two weeks. There is no reason that going to the chiro should make me feel like I am dying! I do not care how out of whack my body is... I can deal with headaches but I cannot deal with feeling like I am going to just peace out and die (it was really bad!!) So needless to say, I am boycotting chiros for the moment.

I am a HUGE proponent of healing bodies naturally, but I also believe in the power of the human body. I think that sometimes the more input you give it to try to heal itself, the more whacked out it becomes because it's just too much to handle (unless, like Tim's back, something is seriously wrong). (As a side note, I am a huge proponent of not taking any medications for this same reason). My body is extremely sensitive so I think that this was just too much. I think if I were to go, I would go more spaced apart and just until my neck and spine look more normal. Then hopefully my body would just adapt and I would be able to fix any minor problems without any sort of dizziness.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Fun Time

Like I briefly mentioned in my last post, my parents came out to Seattle to visit at the end of August, as did my brother. This was a HUGE DEAL because I have lived out here for almost a year and a half and they still hadn't ventured to the pacific northwest. They are not a huge fan of planes and 3 hours on one is not exactly their idea of a good time. But, much to my delight (and Tim's with the exception of the whole back ordeal that was timed right before they got out here), they made the trek.

During their stay, we saw more of Seattle than I have ever seen in the two years that I have been visiting/living up here. It's a pretty cool city! I mean, I have gone sight seeing and stuff but nothing like the sight seeing that my mom is capable of. Much of that is due to the fact that she bought these "Go Seattle" cards that you pay upfront for... it's either a 3 or 5 day card to do all of these touristy activities in the city and surrounding areas. It was awesome. We hit all of the places I have seen- pike place market, space needle, etc. but we also saw many things I've never been to- the SAM, music museum, other museums, boat trips, etc. Since I live here most of my activities revolve around the beaches in the summer and mountains in the winter- and of course all of the stomping grounds/restaurants that I love. I never really explored museums or anything of the sort! It was awesome and even more awesome that my parents paid for us to do it all!

One of the BEST DISCOVERIES EVER during their visit was this:

I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. They make crumpets, obviously. I have never heard of these things. It is basically kind of like a biscuit/pancake type thing that they put cream cheese and organic home made jam on. And they toast it, but it's not really like toast. I am not doing it justice. Anyone that comes to Seattle and who is down by pike place market should try crumpets. They also have a HUGE selection of teas... it's like a teahouse versus the million starbucks that are around here, including the original starbucks that is just around the corner from the crumpet shop. I am not a coffee drinker but drink more tea than anyone would imagine so this was just the place for me. I believe I had their house tea which was an oolong/green tea mix. SO YUMMY. The day my parents left, Tim and I went back. And went again a week later when we had to run an errand in Seattle. It's that good.

Luckily when my parents were out here the weather wasn't horrible. Wasn't too great either, especially for August. If any month is really predictable up here, August would be it. Who am I kidding though? No month is predictable. My parents had a couple of beautiful 80 degree days but on a day when we were golfing it POURED. We thought it would hold off but then on the fairway of hole #11, it starting dumping literally harder than I've ever seen it rain here. But we got in a fair amount of golf so that was ok.

All in all, it was a great trip. They are coming back out for a few days in November and we will make the trip back to Kansas City around Christmas. Yay!