Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.26.2016

B and I took Luke on a hike since Luke has some winter weight to lose...holy cow, B is so much heavier than the last time I did this!

The Easter bunny came!

Plus big eggs from grandma and grandpa!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.25.2016

Look at the cuties who came to see me at work!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.24.2016

Owen and B were so lucky and got to go to Aaron's track meet today!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.23.2016

Yep... B is our crazy child. Insisted on climbing in to his chair by himself...

And... He did it!

I showed you, mom! Oh we are in trouble with this one!

Blurry pic of Oe just for kicks. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.22.2016

Owen drawing...he's getting pretty good! He told us the big face is poppy.

B and mom! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.21.2016

My little dude when I got home from work...leading me in.

The little guy just wanted to drive the jeep.

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.20.2016

More fun today with cousins! Including 4 wheeling, playing on the swing set, and finding a lizard (yuck).

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.18.2016

Bros and Daniel tiger. All is right in the world. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.19.2016

Family dinner and sleepover night! We love spending time with the cousins (and aunt/uncle/grandpa joe...) although I think the adults in the party might be re-thinking the 1:30am bedtime next time. Yawn!

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.17.2016

It's St. Patricks day! And despite plans for green and Irish stew, we kind of settled with green socks, construction shirt, and pasta.... Oh...and popcorn stuck to the boogers coming out of B's nose...which he popped in to his mouth before we could stop him. Yes...a picture was more important than wiping it. Winning?

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.16.2016

Mama and B selfie! 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.15.2016

My cute lunch dates today! Along with our friends, including 3 month old Evie. Too adorable. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.14.2016

Oh you know, no big deal...I'm just going to hang off the couch and pull up poppy's pack.... Don't worry, I got this. 

Daily Owen & Bennett: 3.13.2016

Family walk before it started really pouring today.