Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.31.2013

Playing before work today... Related (not really): where did my baby go? He looks like such a little BOY now, and tomorrow is his birth month and well, Mama is just not quite able to do all of that complicated math in her head without feeling like it's just an unsolvable problem. It cannot be possible that my little man looks and almost IS one. Not possible, the result is that the math simply doesn't work because last time I checked, he was still only a day old cuddled on my chest.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.30.2013

Adventures in eating- 11.5 months. Owen loves food- all food, there is absolutely no discrimination there. He is a great eater and is really trying to feed himself. Still also nursing- morning, mid morning, early afternoon and bedtime. He is a growing boy. We aren't quite sure where he puts it all!

Daily Owen: 7.29.2013

Self portrait by Owen.

Daily Owen: 7.28.2013

We went and played tennis yesterday and Owen got some exercise too- crawling and chasing his stroller. Pretty dang cute. Unfortunately we didn't make him work hard enough as he was up an hour past his bedtime wanting to play!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.27.2013

Today we all road tripped to Portland Oregon for a friends wedding (congrats Teresa and Adam!) Owen tried to take the wheel first, then we played in the fountains after walking through the Portland Saturday market, then breakfast at mothers bistro, then wedding, driving around for an hour during nap time, then reception. Now it is almost 10pm, we have been traveling 3 hours, 20 minutes from home and poor baby is losing more car seat! Mama and poppy are over the car too. Long day!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.25.2013

Two words: BED. HEAD.

Daily Owen: 7.24.2013

Yesterday at the gym, Owen found a girlfriend. He saw her, ran (crawled) over, tickled her, laughed, and took her socks off. He wasn't messing around (and he was completely infatuated!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.21.2012

Company picnic today at Remlinger farms! Was a lot of fun and even got a goofy family shot!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.20.2013

The first day of Owen's 12th month involved a road trip to Wenatchee to move brother Oliver to Seattle to live with us! Exciting times.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Daily Owen: 7.19.2013

Eleven months. Does not seem possible.

Month 10: Dear Owen,

We are now quickly approaching your one year birthday (ahem, sorry I am behind again... crazy month, but more on that some other time.... and you are 11 months NOW (whoops)! So, let's catch up to 10 months first).
At ten months, you've now been outside of me just as long as you were in. There are no words to describe the kind of tricks just thinking about that plays on my head. It gets all jumbled up in there if I think too much about it because it just doesn't seem possible. As in NO and STOP. Oh yeah, I think maybe that's why those words become so used around 10 months not only because you are INTO EVERYTHING but because subconsciously, my head is telling time NO and to STOP because my baby is becoming not such a baby anymore. It's both sad and awesome all at the same time. I miss my cuddly baby but you're so much fun now. SO MUCH FUN.

Monthly shots:










Annnnddd.... TEN. And this picture pretty much sums you up this month. ON.THE.MOVE.  Couldn't even get a straight picture because you were all over.

And then when I tried to make you snuggle with Sam the moose... insert MELTDOWN.

So, I got you dressed and since there were no good pictures thus far, I thought, hmm... I'll just try again. To which you were all smiles and like, "what? No big deal mom, what's YOUR problem?" BAH, O-chee, just BAH.

Little turtle. That is all I have to say about you THAT day!
This particular month (from May-June) started off fairly cool... so we had to bundle you up when we went on hikes/walks, etc....
But, the weather quickly turned and your dad and I took full advantage of it by hiking as much as possible. Lucky for us you are a GREAT hiker. I think you were destined to be since we started with you at 4 weeks old. You are just even keel and have no issues with being in the pack. In fact, sometimes when you're grumpy at home, we'll put you in the pack and walk around the house with you, which you LOVE and makes you instantly happy. Whatever, but we'll take it. Much better than having a screamer all the way up a mountain!
You usually talk to everyone we pass for about the first hour on the way up, then you take a little snooze, then wake up and serenade us all (in our leg burning misery) some more.

Once we get to the top of wherever we are headed, we'll stop and have snacks. You are also a big fan of this. We quickly learned that you like to try out your palate on the mountain too. You've gotten clumpfuls of dirt before we could stop you a couple of times. Yummy.

One thing about hiking in the pacific northwest in June is that there is still LOTS of snow on some peaks, particularly after a big snow year like we just had. BUT, that didn't stop us. Now we just need to get you some goggles because that snow can be pretty dang bright.

You've also learned the complete art of crawling this month. As in YOU GET IT. Crawling = you can get where ever you want, whenever you want to get there. This has added a lot of excitement to your life, and to your mama and poppy's life. You are a quick little sucker, but mostly you just want to follow us everywhere and will do laps around the house following us. We are going to take full advantage of this (read: WEAR YOUR CUTE BUTT OUT) until you start to want to run away from us. Then, we are screwed. Or, we'll just chase you. On second thought, that could be quite a fun game, too.
The downside of you becoming super mobile? You face plant. A lot. Then you scream. A lot. As you've done it more and more, you've started to react less. The particular one above, just a few tears were shed, then you found a cool toy and moved right on.

One hilarious thing that you learned this month is dancing. It is way too freaking cute. How do you know how to do this? Were you watching your mama and poppy shake our bootys sometime? I have no idea. Neither of us are stellar dancers and maybe sometimes we "groove" but I can't say we frequently bust a move by any means. HOWEVER, you have the bust a move genes, boy. You just go for it. And I have maybe not ever laughed so hard in my life. As in, OMG, I snorted, choked, and almost died kind of laughter. Thank you for that.  Your little truck here sings a song and you just start grooving away. Swaying and shaking from head to toe, especially your arms. It is AWESOME.

All we have to do is start singing ANY song and you just break it down. I love it. Please don't ever stop dancing.

You have also discovered a love of toys. This is good in that you are now easily entertained and learning but also bad in that your attention span is about 1.5 seconds before you get bored and are ready to move on to the next toy.
You've started to really like the more "problem solving" type of toys. IE: putting shape blocks in the top of the bucket (with the shape cut outs). You are pretty good at always getting the circle in, but the star always messes you up. At which point you just take off the lid and put the shapes directly in the bucket. Hey, I give you props for finding a creative solution! You know what the end goal is, you just eliminate the step that was preventing you from getting there. Good life lesson right there, kiddo as long as it's creative thinking, and not cheating.
You've almost outgrown your jumpy toy but you still like it sometimes. We had a big clean out this month in which we put away all of your little baby stuff. I think this might be the next to go. Sniff.
Sometimes (all of the time), we'll give you pots and pans to play with. I swear, you prefer these things versus any baby toys you have. It leaves me perplexed as to why we even bother spending money on baby toys for you!

And of course, you still love to swing. Anytime you are outside, really, you are happy. You are our kid, after all.
Loving grass.
We can even put you in your stroller and you'll watch us play tennis. You love this, specifically if we give you a tennis racket of your own to play with. We've only hit you once, but that was your fault because you dropped your protective racket, certainly not ours for hitting a wretched shot. We haven't quite figured out how to golf with you but have been pondering that... somehow I don't know that there's a solution there other than babysitter.

After a particularly grueling week, your dad and I went to the wineries in which we are members to pick up our CASES of wine. This was two fold: 1) Because we hadn't been in quite some time and it needed to be done (literally we had about 3 cases) and 2) We were tired, and grumpy and just wanted to drink a little wine. (Sidenote: did I mention your dad and I are/were trying to buy a house? OH YEAH. Also: I am very sorry for being so grumpy and ready to kick everyone in the pants for a couple weeks there. I have now come to accept that I absolutely despise the Seattle housing market right now - and possibly forever- and I am OVER IT. And how I said all that without using four letter words is beyond me. You can just go ahead and fill in the blanks with appropriate verbiage once you are old enough, just know that the above has lots of $*#&!)

So, yeah, the winery day. You were HILARIOUS. And a total hit. You just love being anywhere where you can watch people. You know you are cute and you completely milk it. You are 100% your dad in this way. Such a stud. And you kept grabbing for all the wine. That's a true Valente right there.

Speaking of food (sort of, ok not really at all, so terrible segway there, mom).... anyway, you are a GREAT eater. Still. There is nothing you refuse to eat. And in fact, you are eating more and more every day. I actually think you might eat more than I do. You are still nursing as much, too. Although, seriously, dude, what is UP this month in refusing my right boob? As in, you will not even look at it. Huh?! I'd find it completely amusing if not for the fact that now my left boob is over compensating so I am completely and totally lopsided. Awesome.

There's nothing you shy away from eating and as long as we keep feeding you, you'll pretty much keep eating (and are happy to do so). (Above photo with one of your BFF's Carter. We joked that in 90 years maybe you'll still be having breakfast together, drooling, and babbling incoherently).
You LOVE bananas. Love them. You'll eat them but as you do, you'll suck in as if it's a big glass of wine that you are trying to smell and taste simultaneously. It's a riot.

Clean up is always fun!

We took you to the gym again this month which was funny in and of itself because you are now scooting so much that it was hard to keep you contained (we had to eventually break out the pack and play). Above you were trying to be the trainer....

We also got together one day this month with your cousin, Isla, who you TORMENTED. She is about 1 year older than you but you were already picking on her. Pulling her hair, her shoes, taking her ball. It's going to be so fun to watch you two run around together pretty soon here. And you both have red hair, too!

You do like your nightly bath. You kick kick kick, and splash splash splash (something you still do weekly in swimming). I think that you are a very "routine" kid. You like your routine, you like your home, you like what you know (sorry, you got that one from me). In fact, we went to Wenatchee for your brother Bailey's graduation this month and ended up coming back a day early (leaving at 9pm) because you were losing it. We could have forced it and made it work, but we had the option to come home and quite honestly? Mama and poppy were tired.

When you're in your own crib, and in your routine, you've also become a SUPERB sleeper. I almost don't even want to say that. (Please don't jinx it!!) We've dropped the dream feed and you pretty much sleep from 6:30 or 7pm every night to 5:30 or 6:30am every morning. Then you'll take a two hour nap every morning and a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon. I wish this never had to change. SCREW you teeth if you ever come in again and mess up this little slice of sleep heaven!! (Speaking of which, you now have six chompers....)

I will also say the positions we find you in are quite hilarious. We have to wonder what you're dreaming about....
I love mornings with you. When you're just a little groggy still and just waking up. Sort of cuddly, but just so innocent and pure. Some of my favorite times are first thing in the morning.

Some of my least favorite times are when you completely refuse to nap, lose it, then proceed to fall asleep directly after putting you in your car seat. Bah! Oh well, I really can't complain too much as these moments are few and far between.

Here's where I get all sappy and tell you everything I love about you: starting with your fascination with these red bowls. You could play and play with them for hours. I love your inquisitive nature and the way that you just spin your wheels. You were bound to be a "thinker" coming from your dad and I, and I love to see you do just that.

We also celebrated your dad's first fathers day with you this month. If there is anything I've learned about marriage in these past ten months, is that it is both infinitely HARDER and infinitely BETTER all at the same time by adding you to the mix. It's harder in that our tempers, patience, and time are much shorter, but it's better in that we are now all bound. By you. The love I feel for your dad has changed- in a good way. I knew him as a dad before but now he's a dad to my child- to you- and that brings on so much more love. Please know that your dad and I are committed to you, to us, to our family, no matter what.

You are such a good boy, Oeo. Seriously mochers, it is incredible. You are so good that I would almost consider not having more kids because I feel like I am going to screw myself. I hit gold with you and I don't want to mess up that formula. You are so even mannered, you are fun, you are sensitive, you are caring, you have been such an easy baby. You sleep, you eat, it's amazing. You hate to get in trouble (although sometimes you just smirk and keep doing what you're doing), but mostly you stop when we explain to you not to do something.  There is not a day that goes by when we're out and about that we get a comment about what a good (and cute) baby we have (and we say "WE KNOW!") I feel so lucky to be your mom.

You hate hats, but I will forgive you for that because it is offset by your love of books. You already have such a keen intuition. You want to learn, you want to explore. You've also learned how to give kisses, which is hands down possibly my favorite thing EVER even if I get a huge wide mouth open frenchie type kiss from you. You also have learned how to sign "all done" and of course you wave good bye and hi.

While I do miss my helpless little newborn lump, I have to say, I almost love this stage more (how cliche is that)? You're interacting and you're just so dang funny. You squeal, you have a language, you are becoming more and more independent, and you have ways now to show us how much you truly love us... and it's not just because I have boobies anymore!

Not the least of that language learning thing is that this month, you finally, FINALLY, found the word I've been waiting so long to hear: MAMA. You say it incessently, you say it when you are excited with a chirp in your voice, and you say it with meaning. And sometimes you say it when you are crying and just want to be held, and look up with me saying, "Mama." It breaks my heart and fills me with love, all in one breath. Please don't ever stop saying that for any reason... ever.

(although I still sometimes respond to a-dah, a-dah...I think that I am destined that have "mama nicknames" since we still call you so many different names).