Sunday, August 28, 2011

We made it back from paradise.

We made it back from Hawaii, barely. Basically meaning, we didn't want to come back. At all. We contemplated our lives as beach bums, possibly living in boxes on the beach. It really didn't seem like that bad of a plan. Especially since undoubtedly the next few days in reality is inevitably going to be challenging. Who doesn't hate digging out of the vacation hole at work? If you love it, you have some issues. Anyway, Hawaii is glorious.

Lots to post on the wedding and our trip once we sort through pictures. For now, if you missed the link through facebook or a separate email, check out Tara's blog for a full recap of our wedding day. Click here. One word: amazing.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sneak peek

It's been a busy (understatement) and incredible (also understatement- it couldn't have been better) couple of weeks but our lovely photographer Tara is one the ball and has a sneak peek of our wedding photos up. Click here to check them out... I know, makes you die to see the rest, right? (Us, too). We are sorting through many on our camera too with full blogs to come sometime but in the meantime we are off to relax, drink mai tai's and enjoy our first week as a married couple. Aloha!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walking the bridge.

Did I mention a week or so ago when I went to Seattle for a friends' baby shower and forgot that the 520 bridge was closed for about a half hour due to SeaFair festivities? Yeah. Whoops. So I got there about 5 minutes too late and ended up having a party (or something) with other Seattle-ites on the 520 bridge. At least it was a nice day.

We waited while all of the big boats went through as the bridge was raised. Oh, and then at the end, we watched as a lady DOVE (seriously, not joking) off of the bridge into Lake Washington. She was fine, she was swimming around in the Lake (perhaps she got too hot? Or the bridge party was too much for her?) But WOW. It was a little freaky at first. People are crazy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joining in on the fun... and by fun I mean sweat.

Yesterday I dragged Justin to hot yoga. And by dragged I pretty much mean dragged. Look, I had great intentions. I really just wanted to show him how much I sweat... it really is incredible and I'm sort of grossly proud of it. Ok, that's not really the reason. I actually knew it would be good for him. Kind of how he tries to get me to ride bikes because it is WAAAY better for me than running (but ssssh don't tell him I admitted that). His body is extremely tight and I knew yoga is a way to relieve a lot of that tension, especially if you do it right.

And sweating out toxins? An added benefit.

So, I've been talking to him about it for a while and finally he agreed to go...not without complaining about it so I think perhaps he just wanted me to shut up and stop bugging him about it but regardless, he agreed. I'll take it.

And the result? He actually loved it (but I'm not supposed to tell anyone). Oops. I just posted that on the internet. Sorry, honey! I think it's ok though because he's already talking to a lot of his clients about it and how good it felt and how he can't wait to go again so I'm pretty sure that since he's talking about how much he enjoyed it, I can too. I'm so glad. Oh, and he was BLOWN away by the amount of sweat... I think he sweats even more than me. It's pretty incredible.

We spent the rest of the day running around doing various wedding related things which was great (and productive). See here for all of the wedding related happenings.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Legal celebration.

On Friday afternoon, Justin and I took off for Seattle to get our marriage license. Since we only have 2 (!!!) weeks until the day, we are had to really look at our schedules to figure out when we could get to Seattle to get this very important little piece of paper. Friday worked. Only problem? It's SeaFair weekend in Seattle, meaning that the blue angels fly from about 12-3 so one of the bridges over the water to Seattle is closed for that time on Thursday-Sunday. Well, luckily enough, we were able to get out of the eastside early so we missed the traffic.

And, after a short wait, we got our little license. Good for 60 days, after a 3 day waiting period. Not really sure what the 3 day waiting period is for... maybe just so you're sure? Ah, it's probably for recording.

After that, we wandered into Pike place and walked around for a little while. Actually, first we went to get gas by the space needle where some big old guy gave Justin a sample of his BBQ (weird) and then proceeded to give him marriage advice (also weird... although he basically told Justin to do whatever I wanted at which point I gave him a high five in my head). Ah, the bizarre experiences that happen when out in Seattle. Anyway, once we got back into Pike, we quickly realized it was INSANE down there. Like, literally, I have never in my life seen it so busy. I don't know if it was because it was  Friday in August (vacationing people in Seattle?) or the fact that it wasSeaFair weekend or what but it was just crazy. We escaped the madness of the market about as quickly as we went in.

We also stopped at our favorite coffee joint, the Seattle version. Cafe Ladro. We needed some beans and picked up a latte too. In fact, we love Ladro so much, we took several pictures of our favorite coffee spot in our engagement photos.

See? Kirkland ladro + engagement photos. Love.

So, with latte in hand (which, by the way, was good... it was a tad bit chilly) we headed straight to chocolates. And ended up with $20 worth of chocolates. Mmmmm. 

A picture of us as we were walking around. Not the best, but eh, we tried.

And Justin looking at the Seattle man. I have no idea who the hell this guy was (didn't get him in the picture) other than he was painted all silver and clucking. What. in. the. hell. You seem some interesting things sometimes in downtown Seattle.

After we wandered for a while, my feet started to hurt. Apparently walking on cobblestones for a long time around the streets of Seattle is not smart in 3 or 4" heels. And I'm fairly tolerant as far as wearing heels goes, meaning, I do it well. My this day I had worn some really tall red heels that don't get worn much meaning, basically, OW. Was not the best planning on my part. So, plan b? Go drink champagne and eat sushi at another of our favorites- Japonessa- to continue the celebration!

And a picture of Justin at Japonessa. All in all? A successful day and a successful celebration of the day. Good times all around.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Continuing to play in the sun...

So, last Saturday, we continued this rather odd trend of being outside because the weather is actually holding. (And, fingers crossed, let's hope it stays that way). We had tickets to the mariners game so we started off there and ended the evening with fruity drinks outside right by the water. It was glorious! Pictures:

A view of the Port of Seattle from the mariners deck... and a seagull.

A shot looking the other direction, towards downtown Seattle. Not a cloud in the sky. Incredible.

And us at the game... oooh, and the new brown sunglasses on me.

At the game. To be quite honest, I find baseball to be incredibly boring. I don't know that I watched a minute of this game.

One more... I think I heard that the mariners were in almost a record of a losing streak. I couldn't tell you if they won or lost this game. I got bored in the 6th inning and we left.

We were going to have sushi in downtown Seattle but remembered that there was a parade that night that would have kept us gridlocked for maybe years down there. So, we headed back to the eastside where we tried out OliveYou...  mainly due to their location on the water in downtown Kirkland. The drinks were pretty good actually and the appetizers we had (caprese, hummus/spreads, and dolmas) weren't that bad either. Mostly, it was just nice to sit outside and soak up the sun. (Sorry about the line in the picture above- not sure what that's all about... stupid iphone photos).