Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017

What can I say, this busy season has kicked my you know what. I can't really say it (ASS) because I now have a swear jar and currently owe Owen a lot of money. He understands that those words are for adults only, and really and truly, I feel like they are exposed any way and we are keeping it real,  and I really, really hate having a complex about them, but I also do not want him shouting out a 4 letter word in class... hence the swear jar. Keep me accountable, buddy.

Well that was a tangent.

But yeah, this month. Phew. Somehow all of a sudden it was February 1st and now it's March 5th and I am thinking, WHAT? This busy season has been one for the records. So, I'm just going to do another monthly post because I only got it in gear enough to keep my job and life relatively together, so completely failed on the daily posts and pictures.

SO. February 2017:

We started off the month by recovering from the god awful stomach bug plus sinus thing. What the hell was that?! I mean, really. It was a double whammy for sure. It was just in time for grandma and grandpa to come to town to visit for a week while I scooted off to Hawaii to work. Somehow leaving Justin alone for a week with the boys scared the crap out of me after the last time. No thank you.
My parents flew in on my mom's birthday, so we had to celebrate appropriately. Owen helped me to make a cake:

The next morning I flew out (Sunday) and once in Hawaii had a few hours of what I pretended were vacation. It was nice while it lasted.

I got several pictures while I was away, in which I swear the boys grew 4 inches each. They got to do all kinds of fun things with grandma and grandpa and Justin worked away on the house.

On my last day there, I was all excited to go on a run as it was a Saturday and I had the day to myself before I flew out. Then this happened: (BOO HOO). 

Jump forward a few days, and it was Valentines day! In honor of, I took off work early and Justin and I went on a hike. It was SO nice.

We then picked the kids up from Collette's and had a mini-Valentine's day celebration at home (mom fail on the wrapping paper...not like they care).

(Owen was having a meltdown at the time of opening his valentine present... which changed upon 5 seconds of seeing what Bennett got in his. Ha!)

We've also been resigned to riding bikes a lot inside. Owen has taken up riding inside as well. It's pretty cute.

And of course, since it's been so rainy and cold, there's no shortage of nerf wars in our house. I am fairly sure there is no way to get around nerf guns with boys. Nevermind B sitting in the middle on his tablet.

We've also managed to see poppy at the gym a few times, which is always a blast.

The kids have also perfected making scrambled eggs. At least once every other day.

Here is B eating some Valentine's candy as a treat. We ration it out and it lasts all month. I swear there is crack or something in candy. The kids go crazy over it.

Another shot captured: how the kids ride up the driveway with poppy:

We also made some time to see some of our friends this month! Stacy and CJ and their kids (Elijah pictured with Owen, below....and another Owen, not pictured) as well as Rhett, Lindsay, and Jackson (not pictured).

And we got to play with Carter and baby Reece!

We also started off chore charts! I really have no idea what I am doing in this parenting gig, and am not going to pretend like I'm doing everything right. But I feel in my gut that kids need to get a sense of helping out around the house. It's part of being in a household. I don't know that they should get steeply rewarded as I certainly don't get paid for doing laundry, but for each star they get, they will get a little something. I think it will help encourage good habits, hopefully for years to come. Hey, we are all just trying to do the best they can. They ended up the week with 22 stars for Owen, and 19 for Bennett. Not too bad! They each got to pick out $10 toys at target (I figured 50% ish of the star count....kind of making this up as I go). I think it will also translate in to helping them learn about money. IE: if they want to save their "stars"/money, they can wait a week and let them build up to buy a bigger item. We'll see how it goes. So far, so good!

We also did a lot of art! This weather is crap. But THANK GOD on multiple levels it is March, and that means work eases up and summer is right around the corner!

You'll also notice in the background the vanity type thing... yeah... we also started tearing apart the bathroom back there. You know, why not start a major renovation right now in Justin's racing season and my busy season! We never said we follow the line exactly, but life is good, and we are happy! Onward to March!